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  • 1807 June 15 (Creation)


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    The collection is formed by one unpublished, holographic letter of the English jurist, Jeremy Bentham, to Sir Samuel Romilly (1757-1818) dated June 15, 1807. The letter was written during a period when Bentham was concerned with the reform of the Scottish courts and had written a pamphlet, "Scotch Reform...In a Series of Letters to the Right Honorable Lord Grenville." In the letter to his friend, Sir Samuel Romilly, Bentham writes that he is sending a copy of the "Letters" and he hopes Romilly will respond with observation or amendments

  • Biographical Note

    Jeremy Bentham was an English lawyer, a philosopherand author. He was born in 1748 and recieved his degree from Queen's College, Oxford in 1763. Bentham was admitted to the bar in 1772 and was an early advocate for legal reform along with other reformers of the period, James Mill, Sir Samuel Romilly, and Francis Horner. In 1789, he oublished "Introducttion to the Principles of the utilitarianism. Bentham write widely on prison reform, the poor law question, economic and judicial reform and helped to found the "Westminster Review" in 1823. Jeremy Bentham died in 1832.

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    Published works of Jeremy Bentham are included in the Hutzler Collection of Economic Classics, Special Collections.

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    Ms. Hut 019, Bentha, letter

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