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" " 1917-1918
" " 1919-1922
" . . . And . . ." [Tawes]
" . . . If we can't have these things, we'll understand" [Test-Ban Agreement; Disarmaments]
" Euripedes.", Notebook, Basil L. Gildersleeve., [1887-]
" I have an uneasy feeling of being trapped" [Congress]
" I live in mortal fear that one of us - or them - will push a wrong button" [Strategic Air Command]
"$25,000" [Powell]
"$300,000 Estate Left by Mencken", February 14, 1956
"'Jimmy' Sections of Alice/Mary," corrected tss and holographic draft, 1 folder
"'Mito di Venezia' and 'Ideologia Americana' A Correction", 1979
"'Old Believer' Sect Dates Back to 1666"
"'The Cambridge School' and the History of Political Discourse." Center for Theoretical Study, Charles University, Prague, 1992
". . . A beautiful sight!" [Astronaut Glenn]
". . . And lock the door" [JFK; Rusk; Castro]
". . . And still the Free World Champion . . . Whoops!" [Foreign Aid Program]
". . . And we ask for forgiveness" [Johnson]
". . . At the halfway point and still going strong" [Tawes]
". . . He wasn't here again today . . ." [N. Viet Army]
"...And quietly bold: a message to the scientific community" in Aero/Space Engineering, p 79., 1958 June
"...Researches...on Jasper Crane"
"10% of Love" Typescript
"10,123 . . . 10,124 . . . 10,125 . . ." [Election]
"100 Views for the Stereograph" glass slides with viewing instrument
"101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110 . . ." [U.S.-Cuba Relations]
"109th anniversary of The Johns Hopkins University," mentioned by Willard Scott on the "Today Show," NBC, 22 February 1985
"14 Stories"
"14 Stories"
"1660 and All That: Whig-Hunting, Ideology and Historiography in the Work of Jonathon Clark", 1987
"1673. Moliere's Symbolic Death: The Comic at its Ultimate"
"1688, 1776 and 1789," New York University, 1988 December
"17th and 18th Century Europe" handwritten teaching notes, undated
"1960 will be a bad year for solving problems" [Eisenhower]
"1964 - 6:30a.m. - Let's Go!" [L.B.J.]
"1981 Lecture Series-Darwin Klingman; 1982 Lecture Series-Ralph L. Disney."
"19th Century Europe" handwritten teaching notes, 1987
"32 levers in 4 minutes - not bad - NEXT" ['66 Maryland Primaries]
"3400 On Stage" (Spring Fair), 1972
"3400 On Stage" (Spring Fair), 1975
"49 and counting . . ." [Nixon; ABM; Political-Economic Pressure]
"500,000 Afghans face starvation", Afghan Aid/ D' Souza, NYT, 6/6/84
"5000 lower-middle class for you, 5000 upper-middle class for me . . ." [Councilman Redistricting]
"50th anniversary of The Johns Hopkins University"
"9999": Manuscript, Typescripts, Correspondence ( Granta), 2004
"Monography on Oxford"
"?" [Johnson; Mao]
"A 2 Millimeter Superheterodyne Receiver Using A High Intermediate Frequency" (AF-88) by Valenzuela, G.R., 1961 May
"A Biological and Cytological study of sex determination in phylloxerans and aphids", 1909
"A Body of Words": Corrected Typescript, 1995
"A Book Hunter's Holiday"
"A Brief History of Data and Theory Pertaining to the Atmosphere of the Moon" 1972
"A Brief Memoir of the Life of John F. Slater"
"A Brief Memoir of the Life of John F. Slater", 1815-1884
"A Case Study in Newspaper Operations." Reprinted from Operations Research and Systems Engineering ed. by Charles D. Flagle, Wm. H. Huggins, Robert H. Roy, 1960
"A case study of the sampling and analysis of bulk material."
"A Catastrophe as Poetic Justice"
"A Century of Jewish Music" promotion, 1950
"A Christmas Story"
"A Circular, Explanatory of the Recent Proceedings of the Sophomore Class, in Yale College", New Haven, 1830
"A Clearing Bridal," typescript
"A Collection of Definition of Legal Words..."
"A Collector's Notes about Sheet Music"
"A Comedy of Manners as Related by My Lady's Maid"
"A comment on the AXAF management report", 1980
"A commitment to excellence" from the major funds campaign, 1980
"A Communist Valentine"
"A Comparison of Precipitation from Maritime and Continental Air", 1950
"A Confirmation of Spallanzari’s Discovery of an Earthworm Regenerating a Tail in Place of a Head", 1899
"A Cry for Criteria"
"A Dear Strange Old Bird"
"A Detective and A Turtle": Corrected Reading Script, 2004
"A Detective and a Turtle": Manuscript, Typescript, Correspondence ( Conjunctions), 2004
"A Directory of Energy Related Research at JHU," 1984
"A Directory of Energy Related Research at JHU," May 1982
"A Discussion of Soveriegnty: Observations on the Work in Progress" , 1992
"A Dissertation Upon the Uneven Battle Between Truth and Fiction," Baltimore Evening Sun, July 24, 1926
"A dominant sex-linked character", 1911
"A Dry Condition," tss, 1 folder
"A European Looks at the Americas" typed draft
"A Far-Ultraviolet Photometer for Planetary Surface Analysis" 1976
"A Fast Neutron Coincidence Spectrometer" , 1953
"A Few Ansco Reminiscences," 1 folder
"A Foreign Example" in Providence Journal, 1889
"A Forerunner"
"A Forming Study of Point-Contact Tunnel Diodes" (AF-104) by Lory, H.J., 1963 May
"A Friend of the University" [for anonymous donors]
"A Friend's Death"
"A general review of quality and quality-control standards."
"A Geruss Fun Der Hein", words by B. Thomashefsky, music by M. Rumshisky, published by the Hebrew Publishing Company, New York, 1917
"A get well card from the president" [D.C. Home Rule Case]
"A Glance at Pedagogics", , January 23 1918
"A Good Shepherd"
"A good start boys" [Agnew]
"A Good Way for a Millionaire to Spend His Money," Baltimore Evening Sun, December 2, 1926, 2 copies
"A Great Democratic Triumph," Baltimore Evening Sun, 1931
"A gun! You wouldn't DARE" [Khrushchev; Berlin]
"A half a loaf of bread and thou . . ." [Kennedy]
"A half century of aeronautical research," paper read before the American Philosophical Society, 1953 November 13
"A High Resolution Echelle Spectrograph Suitable for Astronomical Use at Both Far Ultraviolet and Visible Wavelengths" 1979
"A Historical Review Forum: The new British history in Atlantic perspective: an antipodean commentary", 1999