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Letters: U-Z, 2011 - 2015
Letters: R-T, 2009 - 2014
Letters: Pocock, 2006 - 2015
Letters: K-P, 2008 - 2014
Letters: A-L, 2006 - 2014
Letters with Folger Shakespeare Library, 2002 - 2015
Pocock notebooks regarding Barbarism and Religion, approximately 1976-2013
Columbia Hospital and Clinics Foundation (CHCF), 1971
Columbia Hospital and Clinics Foundation (CHCF), 1970
Columbia Hospital and Clinics Foundation (CHCF), 1969
Columbia Hospital and Clinics Foundation (CHCF), 1968
Classroom Utilization, 1969-1970
Series V: Letters
Chemistry, Department of, 1969-1971
Handwritten manuscript in Italian titled, "Pensiero Politico Britannico Sal XVI al XVIII Secolo", 1989
Ann Giroux collection of Estelle Dennis photographs
Dennis, Estelle
Giroux, Ann G.
Uncut Warner's Corsets Advertising Paper Doll - Dolly's Trunk
Series 1: Student records, 1900-2014
Subseries 1: Student records, 1900 - 1969
Subseries 2: Student records, approximately 1950-2008
Subseries 4: Student records, 2012 - 2013
Subseries 5: Student records, 2014
Series 2: General files, 1911 - 1987
Subseries 3: Student records, 2008 - 2011
Peabody Conservatory of Music, Office of the Registrar records
Johns Hopkins University. Peabody Institute. Office of the Registrar (Conservatory)
McLoughlin Bros. suffragette paper doll sheets
Dunton, William Rush, 1868-1966
The Doctors' Orchestra historical note, approximately 1936
Correspondence about rehearsal space for the Doctors' Orchestra, 1913
Photograph of Christmas tree at Mount Vernon, Baltimore, undated
Scrapbook, 1912 - 1936
William Rush Dunton, Jr., scrapbook
Accession 2017-18.UA.033, 1955-1997
Gabriel Bie Ravendal, 1926 May 22
From [J.?] O. H. Cosgrave, 1926 March 10
From Ronald Miller, 1927 May 4
From Oscar Tschirky, 1927 February 18
From Leonard Liebling, 1926 March 30
From William Jennings Bryan, 1880 February 12
From H. J. Bautell, 1913 April 30
From John Philip Sousa, 1896 January 23 - December 4
To Messrs. James F. White and Co., 1890 August 23
Georg Alexander [Arunstong?], [no year] August 23
[Viscount?] Cowdray, 1925 December 31
From David Blakely, 1896 September 16
From Jules Massenet, 1897 July 14 - 1898 April 22
Petition by New York Senate recommending Lombard to be appointed First secretary to the Japanese delegation, 1897 April 3
[N. Teplov?], Russian ambassador, 1899 February 21
Open letter to music teachers from Louis Lombard, 1894?
From Henry Cuyler Bunner, 1886 May 5
To Ella Wheeler Wilcox; from Ella Wheeler Wilcox, 1895 November 27 and 1901 July
Eugène Rosambeau lithograph, depicting female soldiers of “Les Amazones de la Seine”
Federated Charities (Baltimore, Md.)
Shelter for Aged and Infirm Colored Persons
Henry Watson's Children's Aid Society of Baltimore
Society for the Protection of Children of Baltimore City
Society for the Protection of Children from Cruelty and Immorality of Baltimore City
Russell Sage Foundation
Brown, Mary Willcox
Brackett, Jeffrey R. (Jeffrey Richardson), 1860-1949
May, W. K.
Morgan, Lorenzo Seymour
Morgan, Ruth Bennett
Yiu, Y. C.
Wrigley, Gladys M.
Yang, Richard H.
Youngman, Anna Prichitt
Yi, Yong-pʻil
Richmond, Mary Ellen, 1861-1928
Jones, George L.
Hunt, Jesse
Fisher, William S.
Warner, Amos Griswold, 1861-1900
Sperow, Grace, 1901-1984
Young, John Howard
Wilson, Theodore Halbert
Wetzel, William Achenbach
Willis, Benjamin G.
Wilson, Clyde Norman
Wolle, John Frederick
Woodbury, G. E.
Wilde, Johnny
Will, George F.
Williams, Helen G.
Wones, David R.
Visscher, J. Paul
Warner, F. J.
Wagstaff, Hollis M.
Walker, Mack
Waring, Jeremiah
Ward, Mabel H.
Walter, Albert U.
Vom Stein, Heinrich
Washington, Ida H.
Westcott, Thompson
Vivas, Eliseo
Thomson, I. Davis