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"English Historical Thought in the Age of Harrington and Locke", 1983
"Comment on a paper by Ann Gorman Condon presented to a conference on 'The Treaty of Paris and the International States System' Folger Shakespeare Library, 1984", 1984
"Political Thought as History", 1981
"Political Thought and Political Methodology" Series delivered to the Department of Government and Politics, University of Maryland College Park, 1976
"On Thinking about the Untranslatable: the Western Political Theorist's Approach to the Study of Chinese and Japanese Political Thought" Conference for the Study of Political Thought, 1977
"Concluding Survey and Summary" NEH Summer Seminar, Writing and Understanding History in 18th Century Britain and America, 1980
"Concluding Remarks" Conference for the Study of Political Thought, University of Western Ontario, 1982
"The Problem of Political Thought in the Eighteenth Century: Patriotism and Politeness" Lecture at the University of Amsterdam, Leiden, Utrecht, Nijmegen and Grogingen, 1981
"Documents, Texts and Monuments: The Politics of Discourse and the Verbal Artefact" Department of Architecture, MIT, 1982
"Documents, Texts and Monuments: The Politics of Discourse and the Verbal Artefact" Department of Architecture, MIT, 1982
"Preface to a Japanese translation of essays on the Political Writings of James Harrington", 1979
"Whiggism: A Problem in Historical Reassessment" Folger Library Conference, 1979
Reviews of works on Coleridge., 1991
"Political Thought in the English-speaking Atlantic, 1760-1790. Part II: Empire, Revolution and the End of Early Modernity", 1991
"The Varieties of British Political Thought, 1500-1800" Editorial Introduction, 1992
"'The Cambridge School' and the History of Political Discourse." Center for Theoretical Study, Charles University, Prague, 1992
The Cambridge of Political Thought, 1450-1700, 1991
"Anne Salmond: Two Worlds; First Meetings between Maori and Europeans, 1642-1772.", 1991
"Notes of an Occidental Tourist", 1992
"Lax, Sovereignty and History in a Divided Culture: the case if New Zealand and the Treaty of Waitangi." The Iredell Lecture, University of Lancaster, 1991
"A Discussion of Soveriegnty: Observations on the Work in Progress" , 1992
"Empire, Confederation and Republic: from Atlantic Dominion to American Union." Seminar, Folger Institute for the History of British Political Thought, 1992
"Political Thought in the English-Speaking Atlantic, 1760-1790. Part I: the Atlantic Crisis", 1991
"Interregnum and Restoration" with Gordon J. Schochet, 1991
"Preface to the Japanese Translation", 1991
"Targata Whenua and Enlightenment Anthropology" New Zealand Historigraphical Association, University of Canterbury, 1991
"Catherine Macaulay: Patriot Historian" University of Cincinnati Center for Women's Studies, 1991
"The Real and the Personal, a Review Essay" Daniel R. Kelley's The Human Measure: Social Thought in the Western Legal Tradition, 1991
"History and Sovereignty: the Historiographical Response to Europeanism in Two British Cultures", 1991
"The Ideal of Citizenship since Classical Times" Prepared for "The Citizen and the State," Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, 1991
"Europe, 1989 and 1992: Antipodean and Historiographical Prespectives", 1991
"Caught in the Thicket" Isaac Krammick's Republicanism and Bourgeois Radicalism: Political Radicalism in Late Eighteenth Century England and America, 1991
"The Margins of Orthodoxy: Heterodox Writing and Cultural Response, 1660-1800" Le Moyne Forum on Religion and Literature, 1991
"The Enlightenments of Edward Gibbon" Conference for the Study of Political Thought, New York, 1990
"Political Thought in the English-Speaking Atlantic, 1760-1790", 1990
"Samuel Butler and Louis G. Pocock: The Discovery of Islands" Trapani, 1990
"Afterthoughts: Reality and Allegory; Place and Text; History and Myth", 1990
"The Language of Moderate Theology and Gibbon's Decline and Fall" Universita di Tourino, 1990; Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario; Princeton, 1991, 1990-1991
"James Harrington: The Commonwealth of Oceana and A System of Politics" edited by Pocock, 1990
"The Languages of Political Discourse and the British Rejection of the French Revolution" Prepared for a conference at Universita degli Studi di Leece, 1990
"Towards the second part of a chapter yet untitled, perhaps 'The Quest for a Settlement: Philosophy and History, 1649-1660'" by Schochet and Pocock., 1990
"Comment on papers by Rodgers and Zuckert;" CPST, 1991
"The Future of History in Oceanic Studies: Research Libraries in New Zealand and America" Lecture to the Friends of the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand, 1991
"Instant History: Allen Curnow in Christchirch", 1991
"The Confusion of Tongues and the Origins of Civility" University of Florida, Gainsville, 1990
Homewood House architectural drawings, 1898 September 18
"Robertson Seminar: Folger Institute Center for the History of British Political Thought, Conclusion and Prospectus" , 1991
Homewood Museum records
"The Political Economy of Burke's Analysis of the French Revolution", 1981
Notes on Lionel Gossman's 'The Empire Unpossess'd: An Essay on Gibbon's Decline and Fall", 1981
"To Members of Ad Hoc Committee, Folger Institute, Proposed Center for the History of British Political Thought", 1981
"Documents, Texts and Monuments: The Politics of Discourse and the Verbal Artefact" Department of Architecture, MIT, 1982
"The Ancient Constitution Revisited" University of the District of Columbia and Dumbarton Oaks, 1982
"Concluding Remarks, Conference for the Study of Political Thought: 'Ethics and Social Science in the Age of Enlightenment" University of Western Ontario, 1982
"Tom Bombadil and the Anti-Matter of England: a Proposal to Explain an Insolubility", 1982
"The Problem of Patriotism: English, Scottish and Dutch Political Thought, 1650-1790", 1982
"Eagles, Owls and Ravens", 1980
"The Reconstitution of Discourse", 1980
"Skinner's The Foundations of Modern Political Thought" American Historical Association, Washington D.C., 1980
"The Advent of 'Modernity' in the History of Political Thought" George Washington University, 1980
"Radical Criticisms of the Whig Order in the Age Between Revolutions" Institute for Research in History, New York, 1980
"The Limits and Divisions of British History: In Search of the Unknown Subject", 1981
"English Historical Thought in the Age of Harrington and Locke" University of Calabria, 1981
"Superstition and Enthusiasm in Gibbon's History of Religion" Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1981
"Machiavelli, Aristotle and Mulgar: a Question of Interpretation", 1981
"Some Europes and their History, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, 1995", 1995
"Enthusiasm: the Antiself of Enlightenment. Written for The Certainty of Thought, a volume honoring Peter Munz.", 1995
"Europe", 1993
"Edward Gibbon and the Enlightenment in Protestant Culture" Victoria, B.C., 1993
"Comment. Wilson Center - Kelley and Sachs Conference, 1993", 1993
"Enlightenment in the British Kingdoms and Empire. Written for A Critical Dictionary of Enlightenment, edited by Daniel Roche and Vincenzo Ferrone.", 1994
"Settecento Protestarte? Enlightenment again examined. Submitted to Quadermi Stroici in memory of Franco Venturi.", 1995
"Prophecy and Enlightenment: the Many Histories of Te Kooti," Review of Judith Birrey's Redemptions Songs", 1995
"Summary of paper: 'Citizens, Customers and Creditors: the Republic as Criticism of Historical Change,' to be presented at an international conference on 'Political Liberty and Civic Virtue,'Turin, 1996
"Making Peoples: a History of the New Zealanders from Polynesian Settlement to the End of the Nineteenth Century by James Belich.", 1996
"Mansfield's Machiavelli's Virtue", 1996
"Review Essay: England's Cato: the Virtues and Fortunes of Algerian Sidney", 1994
"Deconstructing and Reconstructing the Enlightenment" AHA Panel, 1994
"Folger Center for the History of British Political Thought, Program for a study of political discourse and literature in early modern Ireland.", 1994
"Political Thought and Political Methodology, Preface to the Japanese Translation", 1994
"Sources of the Giant Melody: Conor Cruise O'Brien's Burke", 1994
"The Owl Reviews his Feathers: a Valedictory Lecture", 1994
"Machiavelli and the Rethinking of History" Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, 1994
"Richard Tuck's Philosophy and Government, 1572-1651.", 1993
"Colin Kidd: Subverting Scotland's Past: Scottish Whig Historians and the Creation of an Anglo-British Identity, 1689-1830. David Allan: Virtue, Learning and the Scottish Enlightenment: Ideas of Scholarship in Early Modern History" , 1993
"Closing Remarks: Anglo-American Conference of Historians, Institute of Historical Research, 'The History of the United Kingdom'", 1994
"Preface to a book of essays by Paolo Bagnoli.", 1994
"Foreword to the French Edition of The Machiavellian Moment", 1994
"Edward Gibbon: The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, ed. David Womersley, 1994", 1994
"Second Conference, Gibbon and the Historiography of Religion.", 1994
"Multicultural History and Eurocentricity: a reading of the Histoire des Deux Indes" History of Ideas Lecture, 1995
"The Triumphs of Thermidor, The Invention of the Modern Republic, ed. Biancamaria Fontana.", 1995
"Catharine Macaulay and the Writing of History" Conference of Political Women, Folger Shakespeare Library, 1995
"Nature and History, Self and Other: European Perceptions of World History in the Age of Encounter." David Nicol Smith Seminar, University of Aukland, 1993
"Commentary of the papers of Eugene Sheridan, Paul Rahe, and Richard Matthews." Conference on Thomas Jefferson, Library of Congress, 1993
"Empire, State and Confederation: the War of American Independence as a Crisis in Multiple Monopoly", 1993
"Two Kingdoms and Three Histories? Political Thought in British Contexts" , 1992
"Notes of an Occidental Tourist II", 1992
"Virtue Transformed: Political Arguments in England, 1688-1740. Shelley Burtt, 1992", 1992
"Vous autres europeens; or Inventing Europe." Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, 1992