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"Current" finances, 1905-1906
"Curses! Foiled again" [Tawes]
"Curtain call . . . Act Two . . ." [Civil Rights Script; Senate]
"Curtain Falls on Last Act for Mencken", January 31, 1956
"Cylinders in Electric Fields"
"Cytological Studies of Centrifuged eggs", 1910
"D" Miscellaneous, 1967-1984
"D'Arsonval Galvanometers," 2 folders
"Damn the torpedoes" [U.S. Navy; S.E. Asia]
"Dance" [Loophole Lobby]
"Dangers Ahead of Us," 'Baltimore American'., 1893
"Danton's Death" program and reviews, 1984
"Dark Shore", undated
"Darkey Spirituals: Nobody Knows De Touble I Sees," collected and arranged by David W. Guion, 1918
"Darkey's Dream: Characteristic Dance," by G. L. Lansing, arranged by Henry S. Sawyer, 1927
"Das Kriegle," from the Opera of Dowids Fidele, words and music by Lateiner and Mogulesco, arranged by H.A. Russotto, published by Hebrew Publishing Co., New York, 1911
"Dash Dash Dash Dash, Exclamation Point" [Nixon; Rockefeller]
"Data for the Study of Sex-linked Inheritance in Drosophila", 1912
"David Hume and Edward Gibbon" Prepared for bicentennial of Hume's death, University of Arizona, 1976
"Dawn of the Supersonic Age", 1948 May 25
"Dayglow [OI] 6300 and 5577 A Lines in the Early Morning Ionoshpere" 1972
"Daytime Ion Chemistry of N2" 1973
"De Tjandi Baraboedoer"
"Dead Cat": Manuscript, Typescript, Correspondence ( Yale Review), 2004
"Dead Cat, Floating Boy" and "The Ring": Corrected Reading Script, approximately 2007
"Dear Uncle Sam: Thank you for the gift of food . . ." [India]
"Death of the Gods"
"Death-Cell", undated
"Deathpockets," a novel, undated
"Decay of Rn220 and Rn222 " , 1956
"Decay of Tellurium-132 " , 1958
"Decision Making" Symposium, 1976
"Deconstructing and Reconstructing the Enlightenment" American Historical Association Panel, 1994
"Dedication Ceremony: The Henry A. Rowland Department of Physics and Astronomy"
"Deianira", 1943 July 3- August 15
"Deirdre of the Sorrows", undated
"Democracy Proper and Proper Democracy" typed draft; Dietze letter to Bosch and Veit, 1981, 1990
"Democracy Proper and Proper Democracy: Definition" typed draft; "Democracy Proper and Proper Democracy" typed draft
"Democratic National Convention. Baltimore, 1912," ms.
"Demonstration of the effects of castration on Seabright cockerels", 1917
"Demonstrators . . .mob scene . . . action . . ." [Khrushchev; Laos; Congo; Cuba; U.N.]
"Department Computer Funds."
"Department of Mathematical Sciences Seminar Announcements."
"Department of Mathematical Sciences--Goldman, A.J. Tech. Report# 368 August 1982."
"Departure," typescript, 1 folder
"Depression", undated
"Der Rabe"
"Der Rabe" and "Das Leben am Rhein"
"Derivation of sampling plans for determining compliance with a standard for the mean of a distribution."
"Design, Development and Fabrication of a Biochemical Field Instrument" Quarterly Report, 1967-1968
"Detection of LiH and NaH Molecular Beams by Laser Flourescence and Measurement of Radiative Lifetimes of the A ä+ State" 1976
"Detection of Lyman Emission from the Saturnian Disk and from the King System" 1977
"Detection of Non-Gaussian Processes in Non-Gaussian Noise" (RADC-TDR-63-192) by Ogg, Frank, Jr., 1963 June
"Determination of Masses in the Solar System"
"Determination of the Extragalactic Distance Scale", 1990 January
"Development Campaign," NewsScene 2, WMAR-TV, 11 September 1984
"Development of adaptive optics…", 1987 December 14
"Dewatering" article by James J. O'Donnell
"Dhe Times ov Toronto, aagust, 1995;" Dhe Kanadan Nuuzletter, Toronto., On., Kanada, julai, 1995," and a post-it note to "Steev" from "Jack" removed from volume. PS3555.P65 B65 1995 c. 1
"Diana has a Pain", undated
"Diaries Missing" List
"Did you say ‘only'?" [1960 City Budget]
"Die gildene Pawe/The Golden Peacock", arranged by Jacob Beimel, published by Jos. P. Katz, New York, 1917
"Diet and Exercise: Two Fetishes That Have Seen Their Best Day," San Francisco Examiner, April 11, 1935
"Differential analysis of the accident record of six types of single aircraft used in air carrier flying, 1949-1951"
"Diffuse Reflectivity of the Lunar Surface" 1972
"Dilemma" [Reapportionment; Unit-Vote System]
"Dilution effects and bicolorism in certain eye colors of drosophila", 1913
"Dilution of sperm suspensions in relation to cross-fertilization in Ciona", 1923
"Disappearance of the Frontier," ms.
"Disaster of the Afghans", Jeri Laber - N. Y. Times, 11/21/84
"Discontinuous Fluid Motion", 2 folders
"Discovering South America", 1947 March 6, 8
"Discrete, Finite Representation of A Linear, Stationary System" (RADC-TDR-63-124) by Butterly, P.J., 1963 May
"Discussion" Conference on Water Resources, Dedicating Water Resources Building, 1951
"Distribution of Electricity"
"Distribution of Magnetism." Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. , October 1870-January 16, 1875
"Do it" [Orioles; 1961]
"Do Spermatozoa Penetrate the Membrane of Self-inseminated eggs of ciona and styela?", 1942
"Do Wage Incentives Reduce Costs?" Industrial and Labor Relations Review, V. 5, #2 , 1952 January
"Do you feel strong enough to donate some blood?"
"Doctor Fundamentalis," Baltimore Evening Sun, January 18, 1937
"Documents I" and "Documents II," four ring binders containing the Centennial Celebration publications (2 copies each), September 10, 1975 - May 21, 1976
"Documents, Texts and Monuments: The Politics of Discourse and the Verbal Artefact" Department of Architecture, MIT, 1982
"Documents, Texts and Monuments: The Politics of Discourse and the Verbal Artefact" Department of Architecture, MIT, 1982
"Documents, Texts and Monuments: The Politics of Discourse and the Verbal Artefact" Department of Architecture, MIT, 1982
"Dog Days"
"Dog Days"
"Don Quixote", 1975