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"Don't - there's a worse penalty for that" [Czech Penalty Box]
"Don't be silly, they're not concerned with us - they're interested in patronage and voters" [MD Prison Conditions]
"Don't blow your top again - it's not a tax increase - it's a surcharge"
"Don't fire until you see the gray of his hair" [Johnson]
"Don't get any ideas" [Tawes]
"Don't give up now - our founding fathers wouldn't"
"Don't look now, but there goes another piece of our fuselage" [Kennedy; Neutralist Souyanna Phouma]
"Don't look now, but there's someone following" [Rockefeller; Nixon; Pollack; McKeldin]
"Don't mind me, boys - just pretend I'm not here" [Mao; China Nuclear Potential; Geneva Disarmament Talks]
"Don't run - it only excites them" [Baltimore County Government]
"Don't think - puff- we're trying - puff - either" [Johnson]
"Don't Try So Hard" Book outline
"Don't worry - we'll call you in plenty of time" [Cooper-Hughes]
"Don't worry, my pretty deduction - I'm not only influential, I'm prudent" ["Prudent Man" Expense Accounts]
"Don't worry, we have the newest and most modern brakes" [Johnson]
"Dorothienstaedische real schule, Berlin", 1875
"Doubles", undated
"Doubts about Interdisciplinarity", 1981
"Down back there" [National Political Conventions]
"Down in a Coal Mine"
"Down in Mulberry Bend," words by James Weldon Johnson, music by Rosamond Johnson, published by Jos. W. Stern & Co., New York, 1904
"Down the Road"
"Down the Road"
"Down the Road"
"Down with Boils," Baltimore Evening Sun, April 26, 1937
"Down with the Rich," Baltimore Evening Sun, 1933
"Down, boys - I'm your best friend" [Johnson]
"Down-to-Basin Faults" (research reports for Humble Oil Co./Esso Production Research Co.), 1960, 1964, 1966
"Draft of a story from Home at Last," holograph draft, 1 folder
"Drafts of stories, some unpublished," corrected tss, 1 folder
"DRD JHU1-UVS Calibration Plan for Ultraviolet Spectrometer Experiment S169" 1971
"Dream of the Sumpathetic Imagination," tss, 2 folders
"Dreams and Realities: The Hispanic Caribbean and the United States", 1988-1989
"Dress rehearsal" [Maryland, my Maryland]
"Drug Abuse" (Brenner, 1977)
"Dryden is Named Assistant Director of National Bureau of Standards" in Industrial Standardization (February 1946), 1946 February
"Dryden of NACA" in Aero Digest (November 1950), 61, 1950 November
"Dryden succeeds Lewis in NACA post" in Aeronautical Engineering Review (October 1947), 6, 1947 October
"Dryden, Hugh L(atimer)" in Current Biography: Who's News and Why (April 1959), 18-19, 1959 April
"Dryden, Hugh Latimer" in Who Knows - And What; Among Authorities, Experts, and the Specially Informed, 1949
"Duck a la Nelson," typescript
"Ducks and Lucks," "original," corrected tss, 1 folder
"Dunyazadiad": Esquire Proofs, 1972
"Duplicates Exchanged" (bound), 1875-1892
"Dwight, Timothy, "A Discourse in Commemoration of Reverend Timothy Dwight, D.D., LL.D.", Southport, Connecticut, 1876
"Dynamics of Nearby Multiple Stars" 1994
"E" Miscellaneous, 1974
"E. Arago"
"Eagle Plume," 1 folder
"Eagles, Owls and Ravens", 1980
"Early History of the Carmelite Order"
"East Side House"
"East-West highway survey"
"Eating the Placenta"
"Eating the Placenta"
"Echelle Spectroscopy of UV Bright Stars", 1991 September
"Echelle Spectroscopy of UV-Bright Stars in Globular Clusters", 1992 March
"Economic Development Policies: Donors, Receivers, Cooperation, Successes," March 17-April 26, 1970
"Economics and Economic Development, "Weekend Conference, December 7-9, 1962
"Economics and Economic Development," October 30-December 9, 1962
"Economics and Economic Development: Sources and Uses of Capital," March 26-May 5, 1963
"Edgar Allan Poe, Baltimorean"
"Edgar" Presented by the Mystery Writers of America
"Edmund Burke and the Redefinition of Enthusiasm: the Contest as Counter-Revolution", 1988 September
"Edmund Burke, Prepared for translation and publication in a Dizionaris critico della interpretazioni della Rivoluzine Francese", 1988
"Educating A Chemist" Report on a Conference at Johns Hopkins University, 1957
"Education for Professional Practice." The Exponent, 1955 June
"Educational Extension in the United States"
"Educational Extension in the United States"
"Educational Relations of Races in Georgia", 1884 January 19
"Educational Work of the YMCA"
"Educational Work of the YMCA"
"Edward Gibbon and the Enlightenment in Protestant Culture" Victoria, B.C., 1993
"Edward Gibbon in History: Aspects of the Text in The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire", 1989 March
"Edward Gibbon: The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, ed. David Womersley, 1994", 1994
"Effect of Shape of Buildings," in Civil Engineering, pp. 707-708., 1931 May
"Effective Density of Phonon States for NdC1 from Vibronic Spectra and Applications to Ion-Lattice Interactions" 1968
"Effects of Centrifuging eggs of Urechis before and after fertilization", 1935
"Effects of roughness and suction on transition from laminar to turbulent flow", 1953
"Effects of Turbulence in Wind Tunnel Measurements," (with A.M. Kuethe), 1930
"Effects produced by Centrifuging eggs before and during development", 1909
"Egg salad IS . . . Potato salad ISN'T . . ." [MD Sales Tax]
"Eight factors that show sex-linked inheritance in drosophila", 1912
"Eight O'Clock Reading Club", 1878-1879
"Einstein to AXAF Symposium", 1988 November 14-15
"Elastic Scattering of 13 to 100 eV Electrons from N2" 1975
"Electra", April 1948
"Electric Distribution on Two Equal and Parallel Circular Plates." Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Johns Hopkins University. , 1876
"Electrical World"
"Electricity." Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Johns Hopkins University. , 1872-1876
"Electrodynamics", 1874
"Electromagnetic Cross Section of Cylinders Finite Conductivity" (AF-81) by Cassedy, E.S.; Fainberg, J., 1960 August
"Electron Impact Excitation of the Meinel Band System of N+2" 1976
"Electronics and the Library", undated
"Electrostatic Energy, Magnetism, Conductors and Optics" [notes and calculations], 5 folders
"Elf-Song, A Little Volume of Fairy Voice"
"Eliza the Slave Mother", composed by Henry Russell, poetry by Eliza Cook