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“Molecular and Evolutionary Relationships Among Enteric Bacteria,” and other Articles, 1990
“Monumental Baltimore” chapter 2 (draft)
“More Love and Miracles In Medicine” - Dr Bernard S. Siegel Lecture and Workshop, 1988
“Moto Perpetuo” by Paganini: piano accompaniment
“Mrs. Warren’s Profession”, October-November, 1994
“Murder at the Vicarage”, April-May, 1978
“Muslim Coins in Thirteenth Century England,” P. Grier, Proof Copy
“Nachwort: Tribut an Francois Mitterand” [Deutschlands Not] corrected typescripts
“New Chapter: Geneva Accords”
“New Chapter: Geneva Accords” corrected ts.
“New Chapter: Geneva Accords” unedited ts.
“New Plan” Students of Social Sciences Group, 1951-1952
“New York Set to Music” negative photostat (Carl Fischer adv. for Schillinger System of Musical Composition)
“New York Set to Music” Photostat (Positive)
“News India,” February 1-15, 1991 and March 15, 1991
“Older” Kabul File
“On the Toss of a Coin: The Jubilant Life of John Charles Thomas” by Ken Darby
“Opera on Trial,” by Ernst J. Lert, manuscript, 1942
“Original Themes” sketches and fragments
“Our Friendship” score with correspondence
“Patrick Bronte, Master Of Haworth” - Ray Handy, 1978
“Per Amore” poem
“Personal Finances: Where Does All Your Money Go...And How to Hold On to More Of It” - Glassman, Lucillie workshop, 1982
“Perspectives” NEH, undated
“Perspectives” – Getty, 1997
“Perspectives” – Kress, 1997-1998
“Photographs taken by Robert Brent Keyser” : West USA 1893
“Pierre Patelin”, May 1968
“Please Post” Stamp
“Politik und Wissenschaft” publisher’s correspondence
“Politik und Wissenschajt” corrected typescript
“Polyvalent Ion Transport, Accumulation and Metabolism: Application of Cell and Tissue Culture Techniques” Final Report, Contract AT(30-1)-3521
“Portrait of Charlotte Bronte” - Julie Harris, undated
“Problematik der Menschenrechte” publisher’s correspondence
“Problems In Daily Living” - Lecture, Workshop with Suzanne Breckel and John Malecki, 1978
“Psychology of Sickness and the Art of Healing” - Bernie Siegel Workshop, 1988
“Purification of the MutX Protein…” graphs, correspondence, 1994
“Recent Articles on Afghanistan” 1988-1990
“References to R.K’s book”
“Reiner Liberalismus” corrected typescripts
“Reiner Liberalismus” marketing materials correspondence
“Renaissance Jewelers: The Italians” Lecture
“Renaissance Portraiture and Literary Antecedents” Lecture by Marjorie Och, 1992-1993
“Report of a Vaccination Program in Nuristan, Summer 1987” [Afghanistan Relief Committee]
“Reviews: Hanging Together”
“Rhythmic Engineering”
“Rights & Riots” corrected typescripts
“Rights & Riots” correspondence; readers’ reports
“Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead”, November 1970
“Russian Program” Music (sheet music by various Russian composers)
“Scalpels not Swords”
“Scribble” notebooks (3) containing sketches, research notes, etc.
“Scriptoria Medii Aevi Helvetica.”
“Second Chance at Math for Adults” - Kogelman, Stanley Workshop, 1983
“Second Edition: Corrections”
“Seeds of Singing” Workshop - Osborn, Susan, 1989
“Sir Winston Churchill Speaks” - James Humes, 1983
“Some Gems from the Medici Cabinet of the Cinquecento” Article and Correspondence, 1979
“Songs to be Edited” - copies
“Stranger”, 1976-1978
“Streetcar Named Desire”, 1970-1971
“Studies on the Biochemical Basis of Mutation”, 1980
“Suitcase Theft - - France, 1989”
“S” miscellaneous, 1966-1981
“Tartuffe”, April-May, 1994
“Taste Of Washington, D.C. - Architecture and Museums” with Phoebe Stanton, 1977
“Taurus”, 1981-1982
“Taurus”, 1981-1987
“The American Clock”, February-March, 1995
“The Americanization of the Mind” corrected typescripts
“The Apple Tree”, June 1994
“The Birds”, June 1973
“The Brass Butterfly”, April 1961
“The Canterbury Tales”, June 1980
“The Chalk Circle”, May 1970
“The Chalk Garden”, April-May, 1995
“The Chemical Nature of the Organizer”
“The Enzymologist of Virus Infected Bacteria IV and V”, 1962-1963
“The Enzymology of Normal and Virus-Infected Bacteria, II", 1961
“The Enzymology of Normal and Virus-Infected Bacteria, III", 1961
“The Enzymology of Normal and Virus-Infected Cells, I", 1961
“The Enzymology of Virus Infected Bacteria V”, 1963
“The Fate of the USA is the Fate of the USA” typescripts
“The Freedom Medicine Story” February 18, 1988
“The Gallery of Antiquities of Cavaliere Lunardo Mocenigo (1523-1575)” Writings, 1997
“The Gallery of Antiquities…” Writings, 1994
“The Good Times are Killing Me”, February-March, 1994
“The Great Waltz”
“The Growth of Uniformly c14 Labeled Chromatium" and charts
“The Livrea Grande for the Wedding of G. D. Ferdinand I Dei Medici and Christine de Lorraine in 1589”
“The Medici Dukes and Their Duchesses: Life and Art in 16th Century Florence” Lecture
“The Next Twenty Years”–Report, March 1983
“The Nudix Hydrolases of Deinococcus Radiodurans”, 2000
“The Opera Complex,” by Ernst J. Lert, manuscript, 1940
“The Primacy of Diamonds in the ‘Vita’ of Cellini and at the Court of Duke Cosimo,” Lecture
“The Psalms:” for chorus, orchestra, quintet soloists
“The Purification and Properties of Deoxyguanosine”, 1987
“The Quest to Cure Malaria” Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute. Jeffrey I. Seeman, Inc, 19 February 2002
“The Rapier” publication, 1981
“The Road to Kabul” CBS Documentary (April 1986) Rather [Video]