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"A History of Popular Education"
"A Home-Coming," typescript
"A House in Bohemia", April May, 1943
"A Japanese Victory," clipping.
"A Johns Hopkins Professor's Researches in Europe," Baltimore Sun, October 11, 1891
"A Lack of Space"
"A lady to see you, Mon General" [DeGaulle]
"A Little Coon's Prayer," lyrics by De Burgh D'Arcy, music by Barbara Hope, 1921
"A little louder, sir" [Soviet Propaganda]
"A lot of mileage left in the old crate yet" [Khrushchev; Powers Trial Propaganda]
"A Maiden's Prayer", undated
"A Measurement of the Opacity of Ionized Helium in the Intergalactic Medium," paper - Davidsen, Kriss, Zheng, 1995
"A Mencken Sampler," Four CD's recorded by Jack Sanders.
"A Messiah"
"A Method of Exciting Resonant Vibrations in Mechanical Systems" in collaboration with L. B. Tuckerman and H. B. Brooks, 1933 March 13
"A method to test the hypothesis of selective fertilization", 1910
"A Miserable Number"
"A Mixer for a System of Photomultipliers", 1953
"A Mockingbird Sang at Mudville/ Casey and the Mockingbird"
"A Model of Carbon Production in a Cometary Coma" 1978
"A modification of the sex ratio, and of other ratios, in Drosophila through linkage", 1912
"A Moral Purpose in Art", November 17, 1894
"A National Academy of Engineering?" in The Journal of Engineering Education (May 1961), 698-700, 1961
"A national space program for the United States," speech before the 10th Annual California Wind Convention, 1958 April 26
"A New Approach to Technical Research on Building Materials and Structures", 1939 April 25
"A New Larvae Form from Jamaica", 1891
"A New Method of Growing Single XE AL", undated
"A New Summer School in Chicago for Teachers"
"A New Venture in Art Galleries" suggested by Mrs. John W. Garrett
"A Newer Meaning Behind the War of the Soul and Sense", 1944 September 12
"A Nigger Wrench in the Pigs Court", approximately 1970
"A Nomination by Mr. Mencken to the Editor," New York World, September 27, 1926
"A Nonlinear Filter for Improvement of Signal Detectability In the Presence of Non-Gaussian Noise" (AF-98) by Richard, Robert H., 1962 October
"A Nonlinear System for the Detection of Pulsed Signals in Noise" (AF-61) by Barclay, A.S., 1959 February
"A Note on Bayes Detection of Signals" (12) by Ogg, F.C., Jr., 1964 June
"A note on News," Baltimore Evening Sun, May 10, 1937
"A Novel Efficient Method for Measuring the Polarisation of Positrons", 1963
"A Parable (The Blade of Grass)" - A song by Marion Bauer [set to Crane's poem The Blades of Grass], 1922
"A Parting"
"A Past So Dead, So Dead"
"A Patrim" written by E.G. describing her early childhood.
"A Peabody Salute": Festival of American music and musicians, 1978
"A Peculiar Poor"/ "An Evil Generation"
"A Pioneer in Space Flight" by Alfred Jones in The Baltimore Sun, 1958 June 8
"A Place in the World", February 1947
"A Place in the World", February 1947
"A Planning Report for Education and Training in Health Services", 1971 May
"A Plea for History in University Extension"
"A Plea for the Anthropophagi," [dissertation on cannibalism], 1869
"A Princess of Fiji" handwritten draft, approximately 1892
"A Prize Alphabet of Names and Events in American History," verses by William Wallace Whitelock.
"A Propeller Vibration Indicator", 1934 May
"A Proposal for the Establishment of a National Engineering Society." The Bent of Tau Beta Pi , 1968 December
"A Question 2000 Years Old", 1947
"A Quiet Day, 513 Park Avenue" written by a friend.
"A Re-examination of the Potsdam Absolute Determination of Gravity" from the Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards, pp. 303-314., 1942 November
"A reconsideration of the Eirdence Concerning a Dorso-Ventral pre-organization the egg of chaetupterus", 1937
"A Reconsidered Partiality Considered", 1980
"A Relaxation Phenomena in Dilute Potassium Ferricyanide - Part I: Experimental Techniques for the Measurement of Relaxation Times by the Saturation-Recovery Method" (AF-90) by Bray, T.M. ; Brown, G.C., Jr.,; Kiel, A., 1961 November
"A Relaxation Phenomena in Dilute Potassium Ferricyanide - Part II: A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Relaxation Effects in K₃ [Fe, Co] (CN)₆" (AF-90) by Bray, T.M. ; Brown, G.C., Jr.; Kiel, A., 1962 January
"A Report and an Appeal," 1983
"A Resurgence of Vicious Intellectualism" (Author's copy)
"A Review Essay: The History and Historiography of New Zealand Universities", 1973
"A Review of the Statistical Theory of Turbulence" in the Quarterly of Applied Mathematics, pp. 7-42., 1943 April
"A Rocket Observation of the Far-Ultraviolet Spectrum of Saturn" 1978
"A Rocket Telescope Spectrometer with High Precision Pointing Control" 1969
"A Salute to Hugh L Dryden" in the Aeuronautical Engineering Review (December 1955), 24-25, 1955 December
"A Salute to Hugh L Dryden" in the Journal of the Aeronautical Sciences (January 1956), 1-2, 1956 January
"A Scientific Influence on Cardinal Newman"
"A scientist looks at supersonic flight' in The Martin Star, pp. 7-9., 1950 February
"A Scientist Looks at the Christian Faith", 1961 September
"A Search for Far-Ultraviolet Emissions from the Lunar Atmosphere" 1973
"A Search for Molecular Hydrogen Flourescence Near 100 KM" 1975
"A Search for Nitric Oxide Gamma Band Emission in an Aurora" 1978
"A Search for Optical Counterparts…", 1975
"A Sensitive Observation of the Far-Ultraviolet (1600-1700 ) Spectrum of Arcturus and Implications for its Outer Atmosphere" 1977
"A short history of British political discourse between 1500 and 1800", 1988
"A Sideband Mixing Superheterodyne Receiver" (AF-42) by Cohn, Marvin, 1957 October
"A Similarity Model of Axisymmetric Convection", 1990
"A Simple Resistance Thermometer for Blood-Temperature Measurements" 1947
"A simplified procedure for the use of orthogonal polynomials."
"A sketch of the Longnecker family of Pennsylvania" compiled by Clarence Hodson, undated
"A Sloppy Story"
"A Sloppy Story"
"A Small Plane Grating Monochromator" 1952
"A something from home" [American Prisoners Abroad]
"A souvenir" pamphlet and newspaper clipping - found inside front cover
"A souvenir" pamphlet and newspaper clipping - found inside front cover
"A Special Historical Method Respecting 'Capitalism' with Special Attention to the Relation Between Capitalism and Religion": typed draft with handwritten notes, 1950
"A Study of a Variation in Cleavage", 1895
"A Study of the Feasibility of Ultraviolet Spectrometry for Cometary Missions" 1979
"A Study of the Phase Principle of Signal Detection" (AF-70) by Gott, E., 1959 July
"A Study of William Watson, read before club,; most likely formed an article, March 2, 1896
"A Sugar Plantation on Saint-Dominigue" typed draft, 1988
"A Theory of Turbulence in Stratified Fluids", 1970
"A Third sex-linked lethal factor in Drosophila", 1914
"A Third Term? Well, Why Not?" Baltimore Sun, August 17, 1938, 2 copies
"A time for greatness . . ." [Politics]
"A Tough Baby," Baltimore Evening Sun, May 31, 1937
"A Tribute to Dr. Theodore von Karman," remarks at the dedication of the Von Karman Gas Dynamics Facility at the Air Force's Arnold Engineering Development Center, Tennessee, 1959 October 30