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American Philosophical Society
American Society for Quality Control
American Society for Testing and Materials
American Veterans Committee
American Water Works Association
Ames, Herman Vandenburg, 1865-1935
Ames, Joseph Sweetman, 1864-1943
Amherst College
Amos, Samuel, active 1811-1838
Ancel, Richard
Anderson, Dillon, 1906-1974
Anderson, Eddie, 1905-1977
Anderson, Edwin Hatfield, 1861-1947
Anderson, Jack, 1922-2005
Anderson, Rasmus Björn, 1846-1936
Anderson, Sherwood, 1876-1941
Andrew Clow & Company
Andrew, John A. (John Albion), 1818-1867
Andrews family
Andrews, Charles McLean, 1863-1943
Andrews, Donald H. (Donald Hatch), 1898-
Andrews, E. A. (Ethan Allen), 1859-1956
Angell, James Burrill, 1829-1916
Angell, James Rowland, 1869-1949
Angelos, Peter G., 1929-
Anne Arundel County (Md.)
Ansorge, Conrad, 1862-1930
Anthon, Henry, active 1859
Anthony, Susan B. (Susan Brownell), 1820-1906
Anti-Imperialist Coalition
Antioch College
Appleby, John T. (John Tate), 1907-1974
Archaeological Institute of America
Archaeological Institute of America. Baltimore Society
Arey, Leslie Brainerd, 1891-
Arias Madrid, Harmodio, 1886-1962
Arlington House, the Robert E. Lee Memorial (Va.)
Arlington National Cemetery (Arlington, Va.)
Arlington, Henry Bennet, Earl of, 1618-1685
Arman, 1928-2005
Armour, Norman, 1887-1982
Armstrong, Hamilton Fish, 1893-1973
Armstrong, Lloyd, 1940-
Armstrong, S. C. (Samuel Chapman), 1839-1893
Arnaud, Noël
Arnell, James Morrison, 1808-1850
Arnold, Benedict, 1741-1801
Arnold, Matthew, 1822-1888
Arnould, Arthur, 1833-1895
Arntgen, Val
Arrowood, Clinton
Artôt, Désirée, 1835-1907
Asbert, Ernesto, 1873-
Ashton, Alfred P.
Ashton, Sarah
Associated Brotherhood of Iron and Steel Heaters, Rollers, and Roughers of the United States
Associated Press
Association of American Universities
Association of Railway Executives (U.S.)
Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy
Association of Universities of the British Commonwealth
Astley, Thomas, -1839
Astor, John Jacob, 1763-1848
Astor, Vincent, 1891-1959
Atherton, Ray, 1883-1960
Atkinson, Edward, 1827-1905
Atwood, Wallace Walter, 1872-1949
Auden, W. H. (Wystan Hugh), 1907-1973
Audiberti, Jacques, 1899-1965
Audiger, Monsieur
Audubon, John James, 1785-1851
Auer, Leopold, 1845-1930
Auerbach, Berthold, 1812-1882
August, James A.
Austin, Aleine, 1922-
Austin, Emily, 1979-
Austin, Warren Robinson, 1877-1962
Authors Guild Foundation (U.S.)
Ayer, A. J. (Alfred Jules), 1910-1989
Ayer, Edward Everett, 1841-1927
Ayers, Jane Fawcett
Ayers, John, 1738-
Aylett, Judith Page Waller, 1804-1860
Ãdel, Cartoonist
Babcock, James F. (James Francis), 1844-1897
Bacon, Henry, 1866-1924
Bacon, Leonard, 1887-1954
Badeau, Adam, 1831-1895
Badoer family
Baer, Elizabeth
Bailey, Emile
Bain, Alexander, 1818-1903
Baker, Carlos, 1909-1987
Baker, Henry S.
Baker, Josephine, 1906-1975
Baker, Newton Diehl, 1871-1937
Baker, R. Robinson (Ralph Robinson), 1928-