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"A Tribute to the Life and Work of Hugh L. Dryden" by Dr. Phillip Handler, president of the National Academy of Sciences, 1971 April 26
"A Unified Fine Guidance and Optical Control System for the Hubble Space Telescope" 1987
"A Value for the Ratio of Q(12B) to Q(13B) Deduced from Quadruple Couplings in a Mg Single Crystal", 1972
"A Visit to a Carmelite Monastery"
"A Warning Note," read before club, January, 1891
"A Wedding Reception," typescript
"A Welcome" - Tennyson found on pg 329
"A Welcome" - Tennyson found on pg 329
"A whole new world" [Castro; Mariovitch]
"A Woman's a Woman for all that!", undated
"A" Miscellaneous, 1958-1981
"A" Train
"A-CHOO!" [Cuba; Brazil]
"A.N. Whitehead on his Mathematical Goals: a Letter of 1912." (Pub'd 1975)
"Absolute and Relative"
"Absolute Gravity Determinations" from the American Geophysical Union, Transactions, pp. 42-43., 1943 August
"Absolute Radiometry in Space Astronomy" 1970
"Absolute Radiometry in Space Astronomy" no date
"Absolute Spectral Sensitivity of Phototubes and the Application to the Measurement of the Absolute Quantum Yields of Chemiluminescence and Bioluminescence" 1965
"Abstract of French History"
"Academic Council", 1946-1947
"Academic Families and the Depression", nd
"Accessions", 1949 November-1950 April
"Accreditation Report," School of Engineering
"Across the Plains; or, The Emigrants", 1866
"Across the Steppes"
"ACT impartial" [Kennedy; Canadian Elections]
"Actually, President Johnson is piloting" [Bombing Controversy]
"Ad Infinitum": Corrected Reading Script, 1996
"Ad Infinitum": Corrected Typescript, 1996
"Ad Lib Libraries and the Coastline Measurement Problem": Corrected Typescripts, 1995
"Adam Smith and History," Cambridge Companion to Adam Smith, approximately 1999
"Additional Data for the study of sex-linked Inheritance in Drosophila", 1913
"Address Before the Union League Club of Chicago. November 14, 1916: The Monroe Doctrine and National Defense."
"Address Delivered at the Funeral of Lyman Hotchkiss Atwater, D.D., LL.D., [etc.], New York, 1883
"Addresses of Friends in A.E.F."
"Addresses on Education"
"Adios, amigos" [Cuban Prisoner Release]
"Advice to the 'Older Woman'", undated
"Aerodynamic Characteristics of Circular Arc Airfoils at High Speeds" with Lyman J. Briggs, 1931
"Aerodynamics", 1926
"Aerodynamics---theory, experiment, application," in the IAS's Aeronautical Engineering Review, pp. 88-95., 1953 December
"Aeroelastic effects of aerodynamic heating," in collaboration with John E. Duberg of NACA, Langley; paper given before the 5th General Assembly of Advisory Group regarding Aeronautical research and development, 1955 June 10 - 17
"Aeronautic Engineering", 1931 December 22
"Aeronautical research and the art of airplane design," in the CAI Log, p 13, notice only, 1954 December
"Aeronautical research and the art of airplane design," lecture given at join meeting of the Canadian Aeronautical Institute and the American IAS, 1954 October 14
"Aeronautical research in a time of world crisis," speech at luncheon the Aviation Writers Association, 1951 February 14
"Aeronautical research scene---goals, methods and accomplishments", 1949 April 28
"Aeronautical research, an indispensable element of air power", 1948 April
"Aesthetics of Literature" Dissertations, 1957-1958
"Aetna-ize" bookmark, undated
"Afghans are rewriting history", William McGurn, WSJ.
"Afghans Beleaguered", Barnett Rubin- New York Times 5/25/84
"Afghans see cruel face of Russia", Suzanne Garmet - WSJ, 3/1/85
"African-American scientists, inventors, and physicians: Making life better for all Americans", 1994 February
"After 800 Billion How Ready - Army"
"After all these years, we're not giving up now" [Gun Lobby]
"After four year's work . . ." [Ben Bella; DeGaulle; Algerian Freedom]
"After the ball is over . . ." [1959; New Taxes]
"After you" [Khrushchev; Kennedy; German Negotiations]
"After you, I insist" "After you, I demand!" [U.N. General Assembly]
"Afterthoughts: Reality and Allegory; Place and Text; History and Myth", 1990
"Agenda for the Nation: Foreign Policy Issues Facing the New Administration," March 18-April 27, 1969
"Aggressive Invasion" [Taylor; S.E. Asia]
"Agnostics" See also Box 2.1
"Agreed - two more years, no more tantrums and no more up-staging" [U.S.-Russian Cultural Relations Pact]
"Agrobiotics" License (1981)
"Ah-h-h - nineteen more winks" [Featherbedding]
"Ah-h-h-h, dry land at last" [Cooper-Hughes]
"Aha - a spy!" [Underground A-Test Talks]
"Aid os etudiants quil puise etudier e aprandre en liberté"
"Aid Sought for an Author; Letter to the Editor," New York Times, March 17, 1928
"Air Conditioning the Book Pressroom." Bookbinding & Book Production , 1938 November
"Air Flow in the Boundary Layer Near a Plate", 1936
"Aircraft Airglow Intensity Measurements: Variations in OH and OI (5577)" 1970
"Aircraft performance characteristics," a talk before the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics, Spring 1956 Assembly, 1956 June 6
"Airs of Providence marketing," 1 folder
"Airs of Providence stories," holograph notebook, 1 folder
"Airs of Providence," contract, 1 folder
"Airs of Providence," corrected proof copy, 1 folder
"Airs of Providence," corrected tss and holograph draft, 3 folders
"Airs of Providence," correspondence, 1 folder
"Alas, poor candidate, I knew him . . . A fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy . . ." [Kennedy]
"Albergo Della Pace" (3 folders)
"Albergo la Pace": Chapters 6-11
"Album of A. [Lee] Whitridge", 1857
"All aboard for Geneva via heavenly bodies" [Nuclear Non-Proliferation Talks]
"All Gone"
"All Gone"
"All is not sunshine and flowers here, either" [Hawaii; Federal vs. State's Rights]
"All it needs is a little patching up here and there" [Kennedy]
"All kinds of scrambled thoughts, all confused . . ." [Martha's Vineyard]
"All right, all right - let's have next act . . ." [Dirksen; Halleck; Nixon]
"All Things Considered," National Public Radio broadcast on U.S. / China exchange (includes Steven Muller)
"All Things Considered," National Public Radio, interview with Steven Muller concerning the opening of the Nanjing Center, 10 September, 1986
"All together - one last massive effort" [Test-Ban Talks]
"Allelomorphs and Mice", 1915
"Allergy Story", undated
"Almost Young Trustees" (AYT), undated
"Alphabetical Catalogue of Books Proposed to be Purchased... ", 1861