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"Alphabetical order please - Appalachia, Badlands, The Catskills, Death Valley, Everglades . . ." [War on Poverty]
"Alta California After the Mexican War" Cary, Thomas G.
"Am[erican] Dipl[omacy] 25, The Canadian Revolt," ts.
"Am[erican] Dipl[omcay] 26, The Webster Ashburton Treaty," ts."
"Ambient Temperature Independent Thermopiles for Radiation Pyrometry" 1951
"Amen" [Johnson; Humphrey]
"America and the World Crisis, or, Our International Outlook"
"America Wakes Up: The Needed a Hero and They Found One," Sunday Chronicle [Manchester, England], April 2, 1933
"American Dialects: A Comprehensive Study of Regional Speech," San Francisco Examiner, December 10, 1934
"American Diplomacy"
"American Elections and Foreign Policy," September 26-November 5, 1972
"American Foreign Policy Since the Spanish War," ms. notes, 1 folder.
"American Foreign Policy," reprint., 1921
"American Historical Literature"
"American History. Jefferson's Administration," ts.
"American History. The Constitution in Civil War. Reconstruction. First Stage," ms.
"American Imperialism"
"American Interests and Policies in Eastern Asia and the Pacific"
"American Philosophy Since Royce," Dr. Victor Lowe, Spring 1951
"American Policy in the Far East", 1949 [September]
"American Revolution. Numbers engaged in the Revolution. Revolutionary Soldiers of Virginia," ts.
"American Royalty," a play, undated
"American University" Symposium, 1976
"Americomedia," American Revolutionary Road Company, 1973
"Amerikanische Demokratie, Kritik des praktischen Liberalismus" typed draft, approximately 1987
"Amerique du Nord", 1915
"Amounts recommended to be expended by the Librarian for Books under the..", approximately 1860s
"An Account of the Removal of the Remains of Col. Thomas James Hodson, Margaret Vincent Hodson, his wife, and Lydia Sherwood Hodson, his mother. ", undated
"An Act to extend certain provisions of an Act entitled an Act to encourage the improvement of Barren and Waste Land and Bogs and Planting of Timber Trees and Orchards."
"An Admirer"
"An alteration of the sex-ratio induced by hybridization", 1911
"An Alternative Interpretation of the Origin of Gynandromorphous Insects", 1905
"An Alumnus-and a New Curriculum." Johns Hopkins Alumni Magazine, V. 37, #1 , 1948 November
"An Analysis of the Infrared Capabilities of the Space Telescope" 1980
"An Analysis of the Phenomena of Organic Polarity", 1904
"An Appalachian Profile" (lecture), 1954
"An Appeal from the New to the Old Whigs? A Note on Joyce Appelby's 'Ideology and the History of Political Thought'", 1980
"An Appeal to Sanity"
"An Approach to the Determination of the Intrinsic Dimensionability of a Signal Collection" (RADC-TDR-64-212) by Bennett, R.S., 1964 August
"An attempt to analyze the Constitution of the Chromosomes on the Basis of Sex-linked inheritance in Drosophila", 1911
"An Attempt to Analyze the Phenomena of Polarity in Tubularia", 1904
"An Attempt to Detect Thermal Energy Positions" , 1950
"An Elegy for Lamp-Posts"
"An Estimate of the Atlanta Exposition"
"An Estimate of the Atlanta Exposition", 1895 September-December
"An Euclidian Solution to the Problem of the Blumenfeld Alleys"
"An Evaluation of the Proposed 'Pipeline Project' of the DuPont Company in Curtis Bay," 1956
"An Evening in Camelot" Exhibit preview, 2002 April 5
"An Evening with John Updike," lightly emended photocopy of published proceedings, November 1981
"An Evening with John Updike," typescript transcription, October 1981
"An Examination of the Problems of Physiological Polarity and of Electrical Polarity in the Earthworm", 1903
"An Experimental Survey of the Low Energy Electron Scattering Spectrum of Nitrogen" 1969
"An Image-Stabilized Telescope-Ten Channel Ultraviolet Spectrometer for Sounding Rocket Observations" 1975
"An Increased Interest in Argentine Cotton Cultivation", undated
"An Integrated Anoded/Amplifier Array for Ultraviolet Photon Counting Devices", 1990 October
"An Interim report on Cross- & Self-Fertilization in Ciona", 1939
"An Investigation of a Millimetric Wave Variable Beamwidth Antenna" (AFAL-TR-65-88) by Kott, M.A., 1965 April
"An Investigation of the Urban Exclusionary Theory in Baltimore's Inner Harbor" by Graeme Collinge, 1988-1989
"An Observation in Situ of an Auroral Pulsation" 1970
"An Observation of Day Airglow Emission at 6300 A" 1963
"An Observation of the (0,0) Negative Band of N2 in the Dayglow" 1964
"An Observation of the Lyman-Birge-Hopefield System in an Aurora" 1965
"An Opportunity You Can't Afford To Miss" "Subscribe NOW to Menckeniana." One sheet 8 1/16"x 6 1/8", March, 1972.
"An Organism produced sexually without characteristics of the Mother," translated from the German by Morgan, 1893
"An Outline for Research in Penology." Operations Research, 1964 January-February
"An Outline of Electricity and Magnetism," George Owen, undated
"An Outline of Piano Study" and "Pianists' Open Forum", undated
"An Ovine Misogynist," typescript
"An Unofficial Tour" (of JHU), 19 June 1986
"An Unofficial Tour", approximately 1980s
"An Unseen Companion to 36 Ursae Majoris A from Analysis of Plates Taken with the Sproul 61-cm Refractor" 1983
"An Unsolicited Proposal to Develop An Instrument to Study the Diffuse EUV Background…", 1992 January
"An Upper limit on H2 Ultraviolet Emissions from the Martian Atmosphere" 1974
"An Urban Famine"
"Analysis of Discrete Linear Systems" (AF-36) by Brown, W.M., 1956 September
"Analysis of Nitrogen and Oxygen for Ultraviolet Auroral Emissions" 1982
"Analysis of the Atmospheric Spectrum of O I in Arcturus" 1977
"Analysis of the B' äu- B IIg (0,0) Emission Band of Molecular Nitrogen" 1978
"Analysis of variance regression and design of experiments." 1970
"Analysis of X-Ray Astronomy Data," from Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), 1977
"And . . ." [Nixon]
"And a happy fiscal year to you too, sir" [New Expense Account Regulations]
"And all the king's princes, and all the king's men . . ." [Laotian Neutrality]
"And an auto safety bill . . ." [Agnew]
"And another thing . . ." [Margaret Chase Smith; Eisenhower; Javits]
"And coming from behind, here comes America . . ." [Lunar Preakness]
"And for you, captain, $197 for three orbits"
"And get some more seeds" [Tawes]
"And hasn't even the weather improved under our administration?" [Brewster; Tawes; Goldstein]
"And he meditated under the tree for forty nine days" [Mao; Diem Government]
"And here is a perfectly good wheel . . ." [Eisenhower]
"And how do you like our new compact schedule?" [BTC]
"And interim greetings to the interim may, and to the interim budget . . ." [1966]
"And it should be modern - like this, for instance" [MD Constitution]
"And it's politically safe" [ABM Insurance Co.; Nixon]
"And last but not least, this is the safety catch" [Castro; U.S.S.R. Pull-out]
"And now boys, let's observe one minute of silence in memory of the Democratic Process" [Valle]
"And now for the final round . . ." [Kennedy; Nixon]
"And now the tide's coming in!" [Reapportionment]