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"And now we resume our program of slumber music from Washington" [Russians Shoot for Moon]
"And now, from the sublime to Smith and Halleck, The Harmony Boys" [Kennedy]
"And now, gentlemen, for your summations . . ." [Mahoney]
"And send these flowers to Mr. Kennedy" [Khrushchev; Castro; Lumumba]
"And that's for the Civil Rights Bill, and the riots, and the sit-ins, and the freedom marchers" [J.F.K.; Faubus; Barnett; Wallace]
"And Then One Day": Corrected Typescript, 1996
"And Then There's the One": Manuscript, Typescripts, Correspondence ( Yale Review and Conjunctions), 2004
"And we have the world's highest crime rate" [Affluence U.S.A.]
"And we want economy HERE - not at home" [Johnson]
"And we're grateful for our New Jersey victory. . ." [Bailey]
"And what did you get?" [Nixon; Humphrey; Kennedy]
"And you're a dirty capitalist tool" [Khrushchev]
"And, as a dividend, we're offering a lovely Kuckoo clock . . ." [Kennedy; Mikoyan; Castro]
"And, in this corner, the Freeworld's Champ - let him in the ring, folks" [U.S. Foreign Aid]
"And, last but not least, at the U.S. Naval Hospital" [Johnson]
"And, last but not least, the capstone" [Johnson]
"Andrei, boy, I think we're ready for New York" [Khrushchev]
"Anesthesia . . . Axe . . ." [Halleck; Dirksen; Kennedy]
"Ann from the Street"
"Ann from the Street"
"Annapolis control reports everything GO" [Court Rulings Booster]
"Annapolis, Md." [St. John's College]
"Anne Salmond: Two Worlds; First Meetings between Maori and Europeans, 1642-1772", 1991
"Annual Reports: Department of Mathematical Sciences 1974-1981."
"Another bird to see you, sir" [Senate Defense Subcommittee]
"Another case of multiple allelmorphs in drosophila", 1914
"Another Circe"
"Another Crisis" [Algeria]
"Another day, another crisis passed . . ." [Dulles]
"Another trouble spot - Capitol Hill" [Kennedy]
"Ante-Bellum South," Dr. C. Vann Woodward, Fall 1957
"Anti-Trust Legislation", nd
"Antigone", April 1949
"Any time you're ready, I am" [Nixon]
"Anyone interested?" [Eisenhower]
"Anything is Nice if it Comes From Dixieland," by Grant Clarke, George W. Meyer, and Milton Ager, 1919
"Apartment 14R", undated
"APL at 50: A National Resource," celebrating 50th anniversary of APL, March 1992
"Apollo 17 Far-Ultraviolet Spectra in the Large Magellanic Cloud" 1976
"Apollo 17 Orbital Operational Periods" no date
"Apologia", undated
"Apology section - sorry - who's calling please?" [State Department]
"Application of high-speed computing to aeronautical research," presented at the Washington D.C., meeting of the Association for Computing Machinery, 1950 September 9
"Application of Satellite Date to Petroleum and Mineral Explorations," banquet address presented at the PECORA III Symposium, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 1977
"Applied Matrix Computations Lecture Series 1977"
"April and Margery: A Novel; original typescript of novella in A[irs] of P[rovidence]," tss, 1 folder
"Arbeiterklasse, Sozialdemokratie und Religion. Ein Beitrag zu einem Forschungsthema", 1972 November
"Arbitration, Security and Disarmament," ms.
"Are the Drone Eggs of the Honey-bee Fertilized", 1909
"Are the Germ Cells of Mendelian hybrids 'pure'?", 1906
"Are the Jews on the Wrong Track?," The Day, November 4, 1934
"Are the Mental Capacities of the Sex Equal?"
"Are we getting any closer?" [Grady; Tawes]
"Arno. A Little Story of a Venetian"
"Arnold Toynbee"
"Arrival at Ireland", undated
"Art for Whose Sake?"
"Art of Rock" images, undated
"Arts and Sciences in the 70s", 1970-1971
"As accords near refugees live in fear and hardship", Barbara Crossette, N.Y.Times, 8/19/90
"As Each Night Engulfs Each Day", 1946
"As Each Night Engulfs Each Day", 1991
"As I Was Saying": Manuscript, Typescripts, 2005
"As though we don't have enough trouble" [War on Poverty]
"As Usual, A Briton is Calles to Edit the American English Dictionary," Baltimore Evening Sun, April 13, 1925
"Ask not for whom the bell tolls - it may be tolling for thee" [1966 Legislative Session]
"Ask yourself if it's in the nation's interest" [Service Promotion Handouts]
"Assay for Tricyclic Anti-depressant Drugs" (Snyder, 1976-1979)
"Assisted Living": Manuscript, Typescripts, 2008
"At least we're not in combat" [South Vietnam]
"At The Coffee Cooler's Tea," by Alex Sullivan and Harry De Costa, 1918
"Atlanta Exposition" correspondence
"Atlanta University Leaflet, No. 6"
"Atlanta University Leaflet, No. 6", undated
"Atomic Structure, X-Rays and Quantum Theory", 1 folder, approximately1925
"Atoms and space," a paper given at the 1959 Annual Conference of the Atomic Industrial Forum at Washington, D.C., 1959 November 3
"Attraction of Magnets"
"Au mans"
"Au mans"
"Au mans"
"August Mencken Reminisces," Baltimore Sun Magazine, OCtober 16, 1966 (3 copies)
"Auntie Ruby"
"Aurora und Cephalus"
"Auroral Electrons and the Optical Emissions of Nitrogen" 1975
"Auroral Excitation of Optical Emissions of Atomic and Molecular Oxygen" 1978
"Author Defends Report" (Ermacora), Johns Parry - Wash. Post 3/9/85
"Authority and Property: The Question of Liberal Origins", 1978
"Authority as Assent"
"Authority now explains planes now flying faster than sound" in Baltimore American, p. 9, 1948 June 13
"Autobiogl Notes" - W's Ms. (Removed to Ms. 282)
"Autobiographical Notes"
"Autobiographical Notes," 1925. Carbon copy of notes HLM put together for Isaac Goldberg when he was writing The Man Mencken: A Biographical and Critical Survey (New York: Simon Schuster, 1925). Mencken sent this carbon copy to St. Clair McKelway, his editor at the New Yorker, in 1939. This copy was done on a different typewriter than the original at the Pratt Library. It appears that Mencken had the 1925 "Autobiographical Notes" re-typed in 1939 to send to Kelway., 1939
"Autographs of Seven Generations of Gilmans in America"
"Autographs" collection, 1773-1907 and undated
"Automated Instrument for Replicated Assay of ATP" Contract NAS5-10464, 1969
"Automated Instrument for Replicated Assay of ATP" Contract NAS5-10464, 1969
"Automated Primary Productivity Measurements in Water Bodies", 1969