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"Automation in a University Library", approximately 1967
"Auust Bebel’s Receivership Outlook", 1968 December
"Aviation as an Instrument of Peace" in Mechanical Engineering, pp. 227-228, 234., 1950 March
"Aviation as an instrument of peace," speech given before a meeting of ASME in New York City, 1949 November 29
"Aviation research: the lifeblood of national security" in Armed Force, pp. 10-11., 1949 December 3
"Aviation's first and next 50 years," in Skyways magazine, pp. 30-32, 1953 December
"Away - we want to throw out the bath water" [Foreign Aid]
"B" Miscellaneous, 1967-1981
"B" Subject File, 1961-1964
"B", 1967-1972
"Ba-a-a . . . Ba-a-a . . ." [Nixon; Rockefeller]
"Baby in der Bar," by Wilhelm Grosz, arranged by Gustav Blasser, 1928
"Back . . ." [Angola Policy; Portugal; African Nationalism]
"Back to your cells - the enemy's at the gate" [Cuba; Castro; Economic Unrest]
"Back, everyone" [Tawes]
"Baffle Geometry" 1980
"Baffling, isn't it?" [Cost of Living; Recession]
"Balanoglossus & Tornaria of New England", 1892
"Baltimore 2000" Report, Goldseker Foundation, 1987
"Baltimore Beauties" Descriptive Data, 1951-1954
"Baltimore Boy" Draft, 1971, 1971
"Baltimore Goes Dutch: Baltimore Rotterdam Sister City Committee", 1987
"Baltimore in the Gay Nineties"
"Baltimore in the Year 2000" by WJZ-TV, undated
"Baltimore on the 19th of April, 1861" Brown, George William
"Baltimore's Book World"
"Baltimore's in a pretty ugly mood" [BTC; Union]
"Baltimore's Momentoes of Edgar Allan Poe"
"Bamboo Baby: Listen to Dis Jungle Lullaby," lyrics by William H. Gardner, music by Caro Roma, 1920
"Banner with a Strange Device." Engineering Education, 1966 September
"Bar Kockba" opera by A. Goldfaden, arranged by Henry A. Russotto, published by Hebrew Publishing Co., New York, 1899
"Barbara North," typescript
"Barefoot in the Park", undated
"Barometric observations" and "Sergeant F. Meyer's formula for reducing barometric observations to sea level", 1874
"Barry Lyndon Reconsidered," Mark Crispin Miller, 1 folder
"Baseball in Soviet Union--Baseball Team," Columbia Broadcasting System Evening News, 28 May 1988, and Sunday Morning, WBAL-TV, 29 May 1988
"Basically B's" concert and reception, 1980
"Battered Head"
"Battered Head"
"Battered Head"
"Battle Fatigue"
"Battle report," talk given over NBC-TV, 1951 November 25
"Be careful - people are starting to talk" [Kosygin; Mansfield; Mao]
"Be patient dear - I can explain everything . . ." [Mac; Profumo]
"Be quiet, children, or they'll beat us again" [Dubcek; Czech]
"Be Your Age", February 1931
"Beach"/alcohol policy, 1998
"Beat it boys, you bother me" [GOP Politicians Sideshow]
"Beat it doc, I'm in the middle of a sales pitch" [Eisenhower]
"Beat it kid - you bother me" [Wallace-Maddox]
"Beat it kids - you bother us" [School Aid Bill]
"Beat it, kid - you bother us" [U.S.S.R.; 1965]
"Beethoven's 'Ninth' and the Romantics", undated
"Befreiung vom Hitlerkomplex" typed draft, 1990 - 1990
"Beginnings of Modern America," Dr. C. Vann Woodward, Fall 1950
"Behind the Montgomery Bus Boycott." Monthly Review. September 1956
"Bella Lobbia," a play, undated
"Ben Fest", 1998 May
"Bend" [Panama Prestige; U.S. Prestige]
"Benefits which society derives from Universities"
"Benefits which society derives from Universities"
"Benjamin Franklin and His Influence Upon the Literature of Philadelphia," J. T. Scharf, undated
"Bennett Cerf"
"Besides, we're having company this year" [Civil Rights Bill]
"Bessel’s Functions." Johns Hopkins University. , 1888
"Best Friends", 2003
"Better talk to your comrades down there before the whole project is wrecked" [Johnson; Khrushchev; World Balance of Power]
"Between Globalism and Isolationism--Where?," Ditchley Conference, England, February 1969
"Between Gog and Magog: The Perils of Republican History", 1985
"Between Gog and Magog: The Republican Thesis and the Ideologia Americana" Typescript, 1987
"Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Bay" [Air Pollution; Water Pollution]
"Bids and Offers No. 2", approximately 1860s
"Big Brother is You, Watching," Mark Crispin Miller, 1 folder
"Billions for Berlin, but not one more cent for Washington" [Tax Loopholes; Postal Rates]
"Billions for democracy abroad - not one vote for home rule here" [D.C. Home Rule Bill]
"Bio-Mass Determination - a New Technique for the Control of Aeration Sewage Treatment Processes", 1967-1970
"Biographical and Intellectual Profile", 1989
"Biographies" regarding Hugh L Dryden put together by NACA and NASA, 1956 - 1965
"Biological Lectures from the Marine Biological Laboratory of Woods Hole: Regeneration Old and New Interpretations", 1899
"Bioluminescence in Chesapeake Bay" 1961
"Biomass Determination - A New Technique for Activated Sludge Control", 1972
"Biomass Determination - A New Technique for the Control of Aeration Sewage Treatment Processes", 1971
"Bipartisan surrender" [House of Representatives]
"Blast these traffic jams" [Tawes]
"Blethana Cambria", 1791, 1796
"Blue Jay Fly to Homewood" 1991. "Learning from Legends", 1993
"Bold Enterprise" editorial in Aviation Week (8 January 1962), 17, regarding prospective lunar landing program, 1962 January 8
"Books and Politics"
"Books and Politics"
"Books Counted by Classes and Divisions in the Library up to May 31, 1937", 1937 September
"Books purchased form the library of the late H. Daniels", 1863 December 17
"Books recently added" [volume 1], 1897-1907
"Books recently added" [volume 2], 1897-1909
"Books recently added" [volume 3], 1910-1918
"Books to start a Philosophical Library"
"Booz Allen" – Reorganization materials, 1987-88
"Borges and I": Corrected Typescripts and Handwritten Manuscripts, 1995