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"Br-r-r-r" [D'Alesandro]
"Branching Ratios for the Decay of Vector Mesons into Lepton Pairs", 1967
"Breakdown in American Home Life Has Its Virtues," Baltimore Evening Sun, 1927
"Breaking" a Venetian Code
"Breathing" Paper [focus change] [1 of 2], [1992-1994]
"Breathing" Paper [focus change] [2 of 2], [1992-1994]
"Breathing" Plots [1 of 2], [1993-1994]
"Breathing" Plots [2 of 2], [1993-1994]
"Breathing" Presentation, [1993]
"Breeding Experiments with rats", 1909
"Brief Pageant" 1 typescript copy
"Brief Pageant" 2 copies: bound - 1 typescript, 1 holographic
"Briefe Theodor Fontanes an Ludwig Pietsch," by Lieselotte E. Kurth-Voigt
"Brightness of Forbidden OI Lines and Properties of Shadow Bands During the Eclipse of 7 March 1970" 1972
"Brisez le cadre qi etouf limage"
"British History: a Plea for a New Subject", 1974
"British Sovereignty and American Federalism; the reconstruction of an empire. Five lectures delivered at the Universita do Studi di Macereta, 1993", 1993
"British" "American"
"Brother, can you spare a vote?" [Bond Market]
"Browsing": Corrected Typescripts and Materials, 1995
"Brr-rrr" [Eisenhower; Khrushchev]
"Bruce Bagley: Johns Hopkins University," CBS, 28 April 1985
"Bubble Tubing for Pulsatile Flow" (Gott, 1975-1976)
"Budget pie a la mode" [Tax Cuts]
"Building for Tomorrow's World", 1954 June 6
"Building Materials and Low Cost Housing", 1938
"Bull-fight," Baltimore Evening Sun, February 1, 1937
"Bullets for Ballots," Baltimore Evening Sun, June 28, 1937
"Bullfighting in Mexico" postcards
"Bur-r-r-r" [English Channel; Common Market Bid]
"Bureau Researcher Dryden." In The Architectural Forum (October 1937), 4, 1937 October
"Burglars", 1988
"Burke's Reflections on the Revolution in France" Towson State University, 1984 April 26
"Burton's Notebook for Photographers." Johns Hopkins University., 1885
"Business before pleasure, boys" [Primaries]
"But a castle is not very homey" [Tawes; Finan]
"But for an Action"
"But Grandmother", February 1949
"But Grandmother", February 1949
"But I'll bet they didn't take THIS long" [Jones Falls Expressway]
"But I'm still thirsty" [Eisenhower]
"But if he dislikes the federal government so much, why's he trying so hard to lead it?" [Goldwater]
"But if I WERE a candidate . . ." [Rockefeller]
"But it's VOTES that will decide it"
"But there are 6% undecided - and 6% is all we'd need to take over" [Khrushchev; Kennedy; Nixon]
"But they keep coming" [Viet Cong]
"But to be serious for a moment . . ." [Humphrey]
"But tonight, let's forget about the Cold War" [Congress]
"But we can't keep running" [Baltimore City; Baltimore County]
"But we're together" [Civil Rights; Economic Development Legislation]
"But what about my face, Mr. Dulles" [Chiang]
"But you can't let the light be shut off!" [U.N.; Neutrals; U.S.S.R. Debt; U.S. Power & Light Co.]
"Buy American"
"Buying a Husband," typescript
"Buzzy" "Dirty Books" "Canon West", 1989-1990
"By-laws and Regulations of the Vienna Academy", 1834
"Bye Bye Daddy." Women's Studies, V. 20, 1991.
"Byways to Crossroads" 4 folders - Typescript and holographic
"C" Subject File, 1966-1968
"C", 1962-1966
"C'mon - up and away" [Humphrey]
"C'mon boy - you're my best friend" [Kennedy]
"C'mon fellows - sing along with Millard" [Democratic Harmony]
"Calabria, Lecture 1", 1989
"Calibration Test Equipment Contract End Item Specification for Ultraviolet Spectrometer Experiment S169" 1971
"California Swishers" 1, nd
"California Swishers" 2, nd
"California Swishers" 3, nd
"Called" notebook , 1942
"Calling all doctors - emergency in Congress" [MD. Medical and Chirurgical Faculty]
"Calvin Blackman Bridges", 1939
"Can Congress Act in Time?"
"Can It Be Taught": Corrected Typescript, 1995
"Can they get that load on here?" [B.T.C.]
"Can We Still Strongly Believe in Weak Magnetism?", 1979
"Can you hear us better now?" [Khrushchev; Laos]
"Can't understand what's happened to business" [Castro]
"Candidates's statement" WJZ-TV, May 9, 1972
"Canea," typescript
"Canterbury Tale"
"Cape Ann and Salem Plantations"
"Capital Labor"
"Carbohydrate Chemistry.., 1989-1990
"Carbon in Comet Bradfield 1979" 1980
"Carbon Production in Comet West 1975n" 1976
"Cardinal Segura"
"Career development of the scientist and professional in public service" panel discussion with Dr. Per K. Frolich at U.S. Civil Service Commission's Management Institute, 1959 June 1
"Careful boys - the bill we save may be our own" [Eisenhower]
"Careful Guv - this is another bad intersection" [Tawes]
"Careful Mr. President, he's no actor - he's serious" [Goldwater; Johnson]
"Carnival" arrow sign, paraffin coated, undated
"Carry on men - fight them on the farms, in the hills, in the state legislatures" [Dirksen]
"Cat and Beefsteak," typescript
"Catalogue of Books to be Purchased...", 1863
"Catharine Macaulay and the Writing of History" Conference of Political Women, Folger Shakespeare Library, 1995
"Catherine Macaulay: Patriot Historian" University of Cincinnati Center for Women's Studies, 1991
"Cato" , May 1939
"Caught in the Thicket" Isaac Krammick's Republicanism and Bourgeois Radicalism: Political Radicalism in Late Eighteenth Century England and America, 1991
"Causation Lecture Notes."