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"Cavitation in Screw Propellers" (with Lymann J. Briggs), 1927 July 28
"Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing" (1989-1990)
"Center for Talented Youth," Eyewitness News, WJZ-TV, 4 April 1985
"Center for Talented Youth," WRGB-TV, 26 October 1985
"Central Park"
"Central Tennessee College Catalogue" page
"Central Tennessee College Catalogue" page, 1892
"Centrifuging the Eggs of Ilyanassa in Reverse", 1935
"Centuries of Knowledge: The Milton S. Eisenhower Library"
"Certain Nineteenth Century Pamphlets" found on pg 3
"Certain Nineteenth Century Pamphlets" found on pg 3
"Cezanne's Use of Perspective"
"Challenge of the 60s"
"Chance or purpose in the origin and evolution of adaptation" [address to the American Society of Naturalists], 1910
"Change" The Threepenny Review (1986)
"Changing Federal Roles in Information & Telecommunications," Government Excecutive Seminar on Evolving Government Information and Telecommunication Systems, Williamsburg, VA, 1983
"Changing Hands: Johns Hopkins acquires Peabody Library," reprinted from Wilson Library Bulletin, 1983 January
"Changing Patterns in East-West Relations," October 27-December 6, 1964
"Changing Perspectives on German Cultural History", 1984 December
"Changing the Past", 1989
"Chapter II. Restoration, revolution and oligarchy. (a) The ancient constitution's role in controversy to the settlement of 1689", approximately 1985
"Character Sketches and Outlines for Plot", undated
"Characteristics of the Parallel-Plate Counter" , 1948
"Characterizaton of the MutX gene…", 1993
"Charlestown: Salem's First Colony"
"Chaucer's Big Prioress"
"Cheer up - at least they gave us a rate increase" [Subsidized Highway]
"Chemical Control by Light Sensitive Means," research material and correspondence
"Chenaniah and His Sons," Baltimore Sun, September 25, 1938, 2 copies
"Chesapeake Science", 1963
"Chester Happenings", undated
"Chiggers in Utopia," Baltimore Evening Sun, January 3, 1938
"China: China under the Empress Dowager, Chino-Japanese War, Partition of China," ms.
"Chinese Colonization of Northern Manchuria 1929-1940" by A.J. Grajdanzen (for lecture #6), late 1930s-1940s
"Chinese in California" Cary, Thomas G.
"Ching and Ch'uan, Virtue and Prudence: Policy and Innovation in Chinese and Western Political Thought" Workshop on Sung Dynasty Statecraft in Thought and Action, Scottsdale, Arizona, 1986
"Choice of a Vocation"
"Choice of a Vocation"
"Chopin's Leading Star was Beauty: The Third of Three Sketches Concerning the Interpretation of Beethoven, Liszt and Chopin", undated
"Christmas at Valley Forge 1943" Johns Hopkins Magazine, December 1965
"Churches and Causes," prepared for the American Historical Association, Chicago, 1995
"Churchland & Sejnowski, "Neural representation and neural computation," #34, 1988
"Cinna, Tragédie Chrétienne?"
"Cinq Auteurs" (Boisrobert, Corneille, Colletet, Estoile, Rotrou)
"Circuits and Experiments" notes, undated
"Circus" juggling clown blank, undated
"Citizen Schaefer" by Maryland Public Television, 2009
"City and Empire: Rome and its Fall in Eighteenth-Century Thought" Washington College Colloquim for the Humanities "Centers of Empires" Series, Folger Shakespeare Library, 1987
"City Called Heaven", April 1946
"City Called Heaven", April 1941
"Class of '29", April-May, 1937
"Claude": a two-act play
"Clean That PLate for India" "The Boys and Men" "Death of Uncle Jim"
"Clear the aisles so we may march forth in unity" [Eisenhower; Goldwater; Scranton]
"Clear the aisles"
"Clergy and Commerce: The Conservative Enlightenment in England", 1984 February 18
"Click": Manuscript, Typescripts, Correspondence ( Atlantic Monthly), 2004
"Climb through and we'll discuss it" [Common Market]
"Closing Out the Visit": Corrected Typescript, 1996
"Closing Remarks: Anglo-American Conference of Historians, Institute of Historical Research, 'The History of the United Kingdom'", 1994
"Coding of Books" by S. K. Mullik, undated
"Coincidence Studies in the Decay of La140", 1951
"Colin Kidd: Subverting Scotland's Past: Scottish Whig Historians and the Creation of an Anglo-British Identity, 1689-1830. David Allan: Virtue, Learning and the Scottish Enlightenment: Ideas of Scholarship in Early Modern History", 1993
"Collections", approximately 1860s
"College Athletics" panel discussion with Steven Muller, Johns Hopkins University president; A. Bartlett "Bart" Giamatti, Howard Cosell, and others. CBS Morning Show, broadcast on WBAL-TV, 7 September 1987
"College of William and Mary"
"College Settlements"
"Collidescope", 1995 May 2
"Colonel Thomas J. Hodson's Assessable Property", 1861, 1864
"Comatose Reunion," WMAR-TV and WJZ-TV, 21 June 1983
"Combined effects of turbulence and roughness on transition," in the Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics, pp. 249-258., 1958 March 17
"Come and get us!" [Reapportionment Foes; Foreign Aid Bill]
"Come here, boy" [New State Constitution]
"Come in and thaw out" [Humphrey; McCarthy]
"Come in Gents," Review of Heathen Days, Time, March 1, 1943
"Come on a Coming"
"Come on a Coming"
"Come on boys - your time is running out" [Constitutional Convention]
"Come on in - the door's open" [Passman]
"Come on in there - let's give it one more try" [Sen. Long; Campaign Fund Act]
"Come on, Charles - what's one ‘non' to a Frenchman?" [DeGaulle]
"Come on, it's just over the rainbow" [Tawes]
"Come See About Huey: February 11 10 A.M.", 1968
"Come the atomic revolution . . ." [Mao; Nasser; DeGaulle; Khrushchev; Kennedy]
"Comets to Cosmology" conference, 1987 July 06-10
"Coming along nicely" [Khrushchev; Soviet-Cuba Relations]
"Comment on 'The Art of Tradition,' by Kathleen Toth", 1984
"Comment on a paper by Ann Gorman Condon presented to a conference on 'The Treaty of Paris and the International States System' Folger Shakespeare Library, 1984", 1984
"Comment on a paper by Ann Gorman Condon" Conference on The Treaty of Paris and International States Systems, Folger Shakespeare Library, 1984 January 26
"Comment on Lenman, Boffigheiner, Greene", 1989
"Comment on papers by Rodgers and Zuckert;" CPST, 1991
"Comment on the papers by Nenner and Horowitz" Center for the History of Freedom, Washington University, 1987 October
"Comment. Wilson Center - Kelley and Sachs Conference, 1993", 1993
"Commentary of the papers of Eugene Sheridan, Paul Rahe, and Richard Matthews." Conference on Thomas Jefferson, Library of Congress, 1993
"Comments on the Annual Heat Balance of the Northern Hemisphere", 1954
"Committee Appointed to Study the Business School", 1944-1946
"Communications Satellite Corporation Initial Stock Offering," volumes I and II, 1964