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"Concluding Remarks, Conference for the Study of Political Thought: 'Ethics and Social Science in the Age of Enlightenment" University of Western Ontario, 1982
"Concluding Survey and Summary" NEH Summer Seminar, Writing and Understanding History in 18th Century Britain and America, undated
"Conditions are right for a treaty, Mr. Nixon"
"Confederate Text Books"
"Confessions of an Older Woman", undated
"Congratulations - now get back to your posts" [Eisenhower; Nixon; Lodge]
"Congratulations Pop - your biggest baby yet" [Board of Estimates]
"Congressional Government" in The Examiner, 1885
"Congressional Government" in The Sunday Tribune, 1885
"Congressional Government" in the Boston Advertiser , 1885
"Congressional vs Parliamentary Government," in The Capital, 1885
"Connection between English and American Mechanics Institute"
"Conquest of Space: Role of the National Committee for Aeronautics" in Ordnance magazine (July-August, 1958), 37, 1958 July - August
"Consenza 8", undated
"Conservative Enlightenment and Democratic Revolutions: the American and French Cases in British Perspective," The Leonard Shapiro Lecture, London School of Economics, 1988
"Considerations for Commercial Applications of Earth Resources Data," presented at the PECORA III Symposium, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 1977
"Constitution of the Kingdom of Belgium. Supplement to the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science.", 1896
"Constrasts," typescript
"Construction, Calibration and Application of a Compact Spectrometer for EUV (300-2500 ) Plasma Diagnostics" 1979
"Contacts", undated
"Contemporary Africa," 1954 Summer Session
"Contexts for the Study of James Harrington", 1977
"Continuous -Radiation of -Emitters", 1951
"Contributions of Aeroballistics to Space Exploration," talk given at the U.S. Naval Ordnance Laboratory on 10th anniversay of its first aeroballistics lab, 1959 May 25
"Contributions to American Educational History"
"Contributions to American Educational History"
"Contributions to the Study of Planetary Atmospheric Circulations", 1953
"Contributions toward a Bibliography of American History, 1888- 1892". Adapted from "Reports to the Jahresbericht der Geschichtswissenschaft of Berlin by J. M. Vincent." Reprinted from Annual Report of the American Historical Association., 1893
"Control of Industrial Processes by Light Sensitive Means," reprint
"Controlled Trajectory Bombs", 1942 March 1
"Controls/False Positives", 1971
"Conversations with My Father", approximately 1973
"Cooked Goose:
"Coordinated Multiwavelength Observations of Quasars and Seyfert Galaxies", 1986 January
"Copy as submitted January 17, 1994, and AO version from disk", January 17, 1994
"Copy of Executed Waiver of Restrictions on Assessment and Collection of Deficiency in Federal Income Tax", 1946-1950
"Cornered", 1882
"Coronagraphic Imaging of the Pictoris Circumstellar Disk: Evidence of Changing Disk Structure within 100 AU " 1993
"Corrections, etc." found on pg 33
"Corrections, etc." found on pg 33
"Correspondence with Lecturers", 1898-1900
"Cosenza, Lecture 2-6", undated
"Cosenza, Lecture 7, Bari", undated
"Cosenza: Valera Seminar", undated
"Cosmic Far-Ultraviolet Background Radiation" 1982
"Cost of Educating One Geologist", 1957
"Costume and Conduct in the laws of Basel, Bern and Zurich 1370-1800,” Ms.
"Cotton at Long Range", undated
"Cotton. Slavery. South Carolina.", undated
"Countdown: Once Upon a Time": Corrected Typescript, 1996
"Counter-Words: Common Coins of Speech Work Smooth and Thin," San Francisco Examiner, September 17, 1934
"Course Material: Statistics and Quality Control."
"Critical Issues in Foreign Policy," March 23-May 2, 1965
"Critical Thinking " 1994
"Critical Thinking " 1995
"Cross and Self-fertilization in Ciona intestinalis", 1910
"Cross Calibration of JHU Test Equipment with GSFC Optical Bench" 1972
"Cross Castro's heart, hope to die . . ." [Kennedy; Marx; Cuban-Based Missiles]
"Cross Relaxation in Non-Zeeman Spin Systems" (AF-101) by Minkowski, J.M., 1963 February
"Cross Sections of Large Cylinders by the Variational Method" (AF-63) by Cassedy, E.S., 1959 March
"Cross- and Self-Fertilization in the Ascidian Molgula Manhattensis", 1942
"Cross- and Self-Fertilization in the Ascidian Styela", 1942
"Crucial Issues in American Foreign Policy," April 3-May 13, 1973
"Crucial Issues in American Foreign Policy," March 12-May 5, 1974, Session 1, "United States Policy in the Middle East," Michael C. Hudson
"Crucial Issues in American Foreign Policy," March 12-May 5, 1974, Session, 2-6
"Crucial Issues in American Foreign Policy," March 2-April 11, 1976
"Crucial Issues in American Foreign Policy," March 23-May 2, 1971
"Crucial Issues in American Foreign Policy," March 7-April 16, 1978
"Crucial Issues in American Foreign Policy," March 7-April 9, 1967
"Crucial Issues in American Foreign Policy," Weekend Conference, May 3-5, 1974, "The Energy Crisis and the Developing World"
"Crystal Palace" by Augustus Butler, approximately 1851
"Cudworth, Brucker and Hume: the Paradox of the Natural History of Religion" Folger Institute Center for the History of British Political Thought, 1986
"Culmination of a Dream" The JHU Gazette, 1986: June 17
"Culpabilité et expiation dans l'andromaque de Racine"
"Culpabilité et expiation dans l'andromaque de Racine" [written as student?]
"Cultivation and Culture", 1988 - 1989
"Cultural Censorship", 1992 June 11
"Current" finances, 1905-1906
"Curses! Foiled again" [Tawes]
"Curtain call . . . Act Two . . ." [Civil Rights Script; Senate]
"Curtain Falls on Last Act for Mencken", January 31, 1956
"Cylinders in Electric Fields"
"Cytological Studies of Centrifuged eggs", 1910
"D" Miscellaneous, 1967-1984
"D'Arsonval Galvanometers," 2 folders
"Damn the torpedoes" [U.S. Navy; S.E. Asia]