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Clarke, George, 1840-1906
Clarke, John S. (John Sleeper), 1833-1899
Clarke, Rebecca Sophia, 1833-1906
Clarkson, Thomas, 1760-1846
Clauren, H. (Heinrich), 1771-1854
Clauser, Francis H.
Clay, Cassius Marcellus, 1810-1903
Clay, Diskin, Dr., 1938-2014
Clay, Henry, 1777-1852
Clayton, Powell, 1833-1914
Clement VII, Pope, 1478-1534
Clement, Frank G.
Clermont-Tonnerre, Aimé-Marie-Gaspard, duc de, 1779-1865
Cleveland, E. E. (Edward Earl), 1921-
Cleveland, Grover, 1837-1908
Cloos, Ernst, 1898-1974
Cloos, Hans, 1885-1951
Cloud, Virginia Woodward, 1861-1938
Cloverdale Spring Co.
Clowes, George H. A. (George Henry Alexander), 1915-
Clymer, George, 1739-1813
Coale, George B.
Coates, Joseph H.
Cobb, John B.
Cobb, Sylvanus, 1798-1866
Cobbe, Frances Power, 1822-1904
Cobbett, William, 1763-1835
Coble, Arthur Byron, 1878-
Cochrane, William P.
Cocteau, Jean, 1889-1963
Coe, Samuel Gwynn, 1888-
Coe, William Robertson, 1869-1955
Coffey, Donald S.
Coffin, Robert P. Tristram (Robert Peter Tristram), 1892-1955
Cohen, David
Cohen, Mendes I., 1796-1879
Cohen, Morris Raphael, 1880-1947
Cohn, Michael A., 1867-
Coindreau, Maurice Edgar
Coker, R. E. (Robert Ervin), 1876-1967
Cole, Douglas, 1938-1997
Cole, George Watson, 1850-1939
Cole, William Harder, 1892-1967
Coleman, Elliott, 1906-1980
Colet, Louise, 1810-1876
Colfax, Schuyler, 1823-1885
Coll, Blanche D.
College for Teachers, The Johns Hopkins University
Collège de France
Collier, David, 1942-
Collier, John Payne, 1789-1883
Collins, Henry Hill, 1905-1961
Collitz, Hermann, 1855-1935
Collitz, Klara Hechtenberg, 1863-1944
Colum, Padraic, 1881-1972
Columbia University
Columbus, Christopher
Colvin, Sidney, 1845-1927
Committee of Arts and Letters for Humphrey
Committee on Post-War Planning
Committee on the Organization of a Technological School, The Johns Hopkins University
Committee to End United States Intervention in Vietnam (Ad Hoc)
Commons, John R. (John Rogers), 1862-1945
Communications Satellite Corporation
Community Concerts at Second
Compton, K. T. (Karl Taylor), 1887-1954
Comstock, George C. (George Cary), 1855-1934
Comte, Auguste, 1798-1857
Conant, James Bryant, 1893-1978
Cone, Claribel
Cone, Edward T.
Cone, Etta
Confederate States of America. Navy
Conference for the Reduction and Limitation of Armaments (1932-1934 : Geneva, Switzerland)
Conference on the Education of Chemists (1957 : Johns Hopkins University)
Connick, Charles J. (Charles Jay), 1875-
Cononay Martin, Amalia
Conrad, Joseph, 1857-1924
Conradi, Austin
Conradi, Connie
Conybeare, J. J. (John Josias), 1779-1824
Cook, Albert S. (Albert Stanburrough), 1853-1927
Cook, Eliza, 1818-1889
Cook, O. F. (Orator Fuller), 1867-1949
Cooke, Edward William, 1811-1880
Cooke, John Esten, 1830-1886
Cooke, Orator Fuller, Jr., 1867-1949
Cooke, Rose Terry, 1827-1892
Cooley, Henry Scofield
Cooley, Thomas McIntyre, 1824-1898
Coolidge, Calvin, 1872-1933
Coolidge, Susan, 1835-1905
Cooper, Harry B.
Cooper, Jerrold S.
Cooper, Lane, 1875-1959
Cooper, Peter, 1791-1883
Cooper, Thomas, 1759-1839
Cordier, Andrew W. (Andrew Wellington), 1901-1975
Coronay Martin, Ramond