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Crochet patterns album

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: MS-0588
Abstract A manuscript album of crochet patterns, recipes, bits of prose, and a list of marriages and deaths compiled by Harriet Anna Winder of Burnham (near Maidenhead) in Dec. 1855. A small history of the founding of Burnham is also included. Neatly written on c62ff (including some blanks), and with one small crochet example loosely inserted. The journal itself is of contemporary half morocco, with marbled boards. There is a slight wear to the head and tail of the spine, but it is otherwise in...
Dates: 1855

Land Assessment document

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: MS-0589
Abstract A legal document assessing the value of land through which the Maryland and Delaware Railroad will pass, condemend under an act of the Maryland Legislature for the use of the railroad, in a partly printed document. It is completed in manuscript and was signed by three commissioneres for the railroad (John W. Tempel, Robert Denny, and J.S. Parris) on Dec. 3rd, 1856, and was addressed to Judge Philemon B. Hopper of the Maryland Seventh Judicial Circuit, the supervising magistrate . The...
Dates: 1856

Zlata Hartman research notes

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: MS-0590
Scope and Contents

The collection includes handwritten and typed research notes dating from 1972 to 1981 about his-bacteria, salmonella mutagenicity, fluorescent lamps, DNA mutations, etc.

Dates: 1972-1981

19th Century autograph book

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: MS-0593
Scope and Contents

Laura's book includes hand written signatures, poems, verses, messages and drawings by the Jewish Community between 1875 - 1895. Among the contents are two original sheet music from Baltimore's composers John Schomann and John Linhard. The book also has signatures by Miss Jennie Putzel, a Baltimore choir singer, and Louis Lauer, who had imigrated to America from Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany. It also has a long poem written by Joseph Sigmund (born 1856) who was in the advertising business.

Dates: 1875-1895

Howard Eager family genealogy

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: MS-0594
Scope and Contents

The book starts with a memo signed by John Eager Howard in 1810 with the story of his ancestors who came from England. The following pages contain his Family tree, with the names and birth/death dates of the Eager-Howard family from 1799-1895. It is unclear who continued to work on the book after Howard’s death in 1827. The content includes notes with peculiarities about the family’s history and an Index with the names of family members and corresponding pages.

Dates: 1799-1895

Frederika Schmidt notebook

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: MS-0595
Scope and Contents

This notebook was written by Frederika Schmidt in 1865in Germany and contains the fairytale "The Fox and the Horse", possibly by the Grimm Brothers, among other tales.

Dates: 1865

Pope Paul V letter to King Philip III of Spain

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: MS-0596
Scope and Contents

The letter was written in Latin, on vellum, on a narrow strip (10 x 40.5 cm; 4" x 16"). This contemporary file copy was retained in Rome and signed "S. Card. S. Susannae" (i.e., Cardial Scipione Cobelluzzi, who was also at this time the Librarian of the Vatican Library).

Dates: 1619 January 4

Kyd's studies of Charles Dickens characters

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: MS-0597
Scope and Contents These sketches are characteristic of Kyd's work: the freelance illustrator made his living by selling his illustrations of Dickens's characters to publishers. His drawings capture the characters' personalities and eccentricities, employing elements of caricature. In one, strict and steady Mary Anne Perkinsop, who worked at Mrs. Lirriper's Lodgings, carries a pitcher with her nose in the air. An illustrated title page with the design of a bookshelf and a table of contents are also included,...
Dates: circa 1920s

Henry C. Lewis diary

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: MS-0598
Scope and Contents Henry C. Lewis wrote diary entries between April 15, 1857 and October 30th, 1858. He began recording his experiences during the three month journey from England to China on board the ship SS Himalaya, purchased by the Royal Navy in 1854. The ship stopped in São Vicente (Cape Verde Islands), Simons Town (South Africa), and Singapore, where he boarded the ship "Ganges" to reach Hong Kong (China). Lewis often described these places with the prejudice of an Englishman of that day. In China he...
Dates: 1857-1858

"Lucindy on a Diet" by Peggy Reece

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: MS-0599
Scope and Contents The 3-page play tells the story of Lucindy and her daughter Ophelia, who are domestic servants in the south. Their employer, Mrs. Gardner, is at church, so Lucindy receives the visit of friend Caroline Johnsing. While having coffee, Lucindy tells Caroline she went to a diet doctor to lose weight after her husband cheated. The doctor prescribed a diet of spinach, dry toast and lean meat, but after almost two weeks her skirt is tighter around the waist than it was before. Lucindy is surprised...
Dates: circa 1920

John Hack correspondence

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: MS-0600
Scope and Contents

The contents of the letters include negotiation of prices, discussions of sales and quality of the products. One of the letters mentions that a check was included in the envelope and several acknowledge receiving shipments of Spanish Cigars and tobacco.

Dates: 1826-1827